Game of Thrones created a frenzy among book readers as well as TV series enthusiasts. A song of Ice and Fire was our best, and the drama and action were enough to keep fans wanting for more. But now that the show is ended, and you have watched it multiple times, there is another opportunity to catch fun with your favorite characters in the show – learn more at

If you are not familiar with the TV show, Game of Thrones, it is based on the fantasy novels written by George R.R Martins.

Game of Throne slot machines

In reality, Game of Thrones slot exists, and it exists with many variants, as well as different feel, created by different slot producers, all in a bid to recreate the fun that kept you glued to the HBO TV show.

There is quite a several Game of Thrones slots. One popular one is the slot machine created by Aristocrat. In the video slot created by Aristocrat, you will find dragons, battles, and even the dramatic music Game of Thrones is famous for; characters you love to see, and those you totally detest will be seen. In the Slot machine created by Aristocrat, you will see show characters like John Snow, Daenerys, Tywin and Tyrion Lannister, and many other characters.

In 2014, Microgaming released two different variants of Game of Thrones slots 2014; one has 15 pay lines, while the other has two hundred and forty-three ways to win. Microgaming boasts of cool background music that is excitable and would keep you in the mood to always want to game.

How Game of Thrones slot works

The thing about the Game of Thrones slot is that it has minute differences, based on the producer, as well as the variant in question. For example, the Game of Thrones slot from Aristocrat is a bit different from the one produced by Microgaming.

However, the most important thing to note is that the rules that guide the playing of slot still applies here, and players are expected to stick to them. As opposed to the traditional game of slots that are filled with fruits, in the Game of Thrones slot, you will see more house sigils, characters, and notable symbols.

How slots work

Slots traditionally have three reels. In some cases, there are usually more than 3 reels, each of the numbers has symbols, and in this instance, you get to see the symbolism of Game of thrones. For digital slots, you have more than 256 symbols, as opposed to the about 20 or more symbol reels you can find on the physical hardware slot machines.

Online slot machines have random number generators, also called RNGs, whose basic function is to create a random number. These random number generators can produce thousands of numbers in a second, and these numbers are associated with symbols.

Your win or loss is determined by the random number generated by the RNG, at the immediate point you start each play; this gives room for no form of fraud or cheating. Payline is what guarantees your win or loss, and they are naturally unpredictable. The chances of winning also depend on the machine you’re playing, the paylines you’ve chosen, and the wager involved.