Skope: Diverse Music Media For The Digital Age

Skope Entertainment Inc. (SEI) is a full service music based media company. Skope has been in business since January 2001. Skope is headquartered in Boston, MA but has readers & staff from all over the globe.

Skope covers and engages an audience of music enthusiasts with diverse music coverage for the digital age.

Skope: Diverse Music Media For The Digital Age


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SEI Total Combined Audience (Est): 2.25 Million


Founded in January 2001 by publisher Michael Friedman, Skope Entertainment (hereafter “Skope”) is a Boston, Massachusetts-based emerging media company focused on promoting mainstream and “long tail” music, artists, and band across genres.

Skope Donations: http://asso.in/url/36k

Skope’s mission is to create a profitable, socially-networked, highly interactive, multi-media community for music enthusiasts, artists and bands. Our aim is to create robust and vibrant music community networks across genres and geographical boundaries. Skope connects fans and music enthusiasts around the world with mainstream and emerging “long-tail” artists and bands.


“We started advertising with Skope in the Jan/Feb 2007 issue. Since then I have been very pleased with the traffic that has been generated to our website since the AD ran. “

Jon Myers — The Jon Myers Band

“When we started NS Friedman Design we wanted to reach a diverse & trendy audience to sell our fine jewelry lines. Skope offers our company that exposure and we have been advertising since.”

Neil Friedman — CEO — NS Friedman Jewelry Design

“We at Riffin’ found the advertising experience with Skope to be great. It gave us some great publicity both in print and online, and we received positive feedback from both distribution channels.”

Louis Monopoulis – Riffin.com

“Skope Magazine is one of very few media outlets that actually provides results. I have used them to market and advertise my agency, Rainmaker Public Relations for over a year and have made my money back ten fold. I continue using them and their effectiveness never ceases. Its a slam dunk!”

Rhonda Brilliant – The Rainmaker Media Group

“Advertising in Skope Magazine has been a rewarding and uplifting. Although we are an up and coming band we were able to purchase high profile professional ad space in one of rock’s premiere magazines. The copy was perfect. The hits to our website have DOUBLED since we began advertising in Skope. If we’re not rock stars yet we are one step closer after advertising in Skope.”

David Alyassin — Racecar

“Advertising with Skope Magazine has been amazing. The people that run this publication really actually care about the music, and more specifically, the underground, eclectic, under-rated and ever-changing music scene. I will no doubt keep rocking with these guys and can’t wait to see how far they take it!”

Phil DaRosa – Tight Records

“Skope has been instrumental in the success that we’ve had over the last year and we’re very happy to be part of such a dynamic and exciting publication. We’ve advertised with larger publications in the past but we haven’t always received the high level of service and commitment that Skope gives to it’s advertisers and independent musicians, which is why it makes this a good fit for what what we’re trying to accomplish with our marketing strategy.”

Darian Worrell – VOD Recordings

“I’ve put in a couple requests in on my end to start getting you guys some love from our ad department as I love the mag (you know that) and it’s been growing so much lately, looks more and more amazing each time I see it!”

Fernando Aguilar – Warner Bros. Records — Publicity Director

“I just discovered Skope recently in my favorite magazine store and I am quite impressed. Almost 90 pages of features–wow! I am a singer/songwriter and a committee member with the Pacific Music Industry Association (Music BC) in Vancouver, and it is fantastic to see all these independent acts getting some coverage in an international publication.”

Natasha Jay, B.A.

Skope: Why do you feel that Skope Magazine is having such a positive impact on the publishing & music industry?

Tim: While it’s getting easier and cheaper for artists to make music and get it out there, it’s getting harder and more expensive for them to get radio play and mass exposure. A magazine like Skope that helps put the spotlight on new and innovative artists is great for everybody because it helps fans connect with new artists and it helps keep a fresh mix of music out there. That’s really important, because things can get stale when there are only a handful of artists breaking through.

Tim Sheff — EMI Recording Artist

Skope: Why do you think that so many people are enjoying Skope Magazine online & in print?

Quincy: Skope really gives attention to both mainstream and indie artists. Skope is great because not only can you get the latest info on your favorite artists, you are also introduced to new and upcoming ones. They have a great variety of all the best music.

Quincy Coleman — Quincycoleman.com

“The mags arrived today and look amazing! I have not put it down since I opened the box. And I LOVE the placement of my ad. Thank you so much, Mike. It’s in an AWESOME location. I am thrilled. Thanks again – and cheers for a great two months of magazine sales and more ads being booked too!”

Eugene Foley Phd — Foley Entertainment

“I love your publication, and would shoot for you at no cost if given the opportunity! I’m working on building a portfolio and could really use the experience. Thanks so much for your time, I look forward to your reply!”

Kristin Stubblefield – Photographer

“I live in New York and I always love your mag. I have stumbled upon a songwriter who totally rocks and has a great sound and wanted to share that with you at Skope because I know you’re always on the lookout for new and original artists. Check out his www.myspace.com/stevenortheast to hear his music.”

Sophie Jones — Reader

Stoli: What is it about Skope that made you want us to feature you?

KR: Skope features all types of national and international music from indie to major artists. I love diversity and Skope represents that.

Khalid Rivera — Broadway Performer & Solo Artist

“I have been a subscriber to Skope for 2 years now. I actually get excited when a new issue arrives because it has all the info I need on the music scene as a whole and not just one genre!”

Krista Murphy — Reader

“You’re magazine rocks!!!!”

Drowned Youth – myspace.com/drownedyouthrocks

“Esthema is extremely happy and excited with the review and ad in Skope Magazine this month. (Mar/Apr 08)”

Andy Milas — ESTHEMA – Esthema.com

“Chris here from Girlie. I just wanted to offer you a pair of tickets to the They Might Be Giants show at the Somerville Theatre on 3/28 as sort of a thank you for that great feature you guys did on them. I was just looking at it again, it rules. Anyway, let me know, and talk soon.”

Chris – Girlie.com

“I really love Skope Magazine. Just wanted to reach out and share my music with you guys. Hope to do something with you in the future.”

Tamar – myspace.com/tamarmusic

“Holy Shit man, it’s pretty awesome that your magazine is doing so well, usually mags (I’m sure you know) go under within the first year, but I see you guys here in NY on the stands. Good fucking job man.”

Zach – The December Sound

Thanks, you are doing a great job! The response to the AD is incredible! I hope there will be many more to come. I even heard from artists featured on Billboard Magazine who are starved for airplay. Keep them coming! By the way the last two days have resulted in a solid listenership almost all day long. I hope to see that listenership level continue to grow. You might just help me make this the most popular Smooth Jazz/New Age radio station on the Internet yet. Much Thanks!

Jason Weeks – Airomee Wind – Que 98.2 FM

Stoli: My boss told me that you will be advertising the new album in Skope Magazine. As a marketing person what drew you to Skope?

Kelly: Yes, and I’m very excited about it. For my first album, I hired a small PR firm to help out with getting the word out and as they let me know which outlets they were pursuing, I would then check up on each outlet and see what the fit was and how the publication handled itself. With SKOPE, I was impressed with not only the look and feel of the magazine, but the interviews and reviews and the whole vibe overall. It’s a magazine I read myself and an outlet that I want to be associated with. Ultimately, it’s a magazine that puts indie and major all under one roof and treats them exactly the same. Not too many other magazines out there are going to do that and that’s what makes SKOPE stand out.

Kelly Greene – Musician & MKTG Coord. Pepsi

“What I love about Skope Magazine is it’s chameleon like existence. It brings all facets of the music industry together in one outstanding, complete issue every month & online.

Since Shakir Entertainment has been doing business with Skope, being involved with such a trend-setting media magazine has done phenomenal things for my clientele as a music manger. And I have to say just knowing someone like Mr. Mike Friedman in this business, is truly an honor for me.”

Shaun Cairo – Shakir Entertainment,Inc

Skope Entertainment Inc: The Official Music Magazine Sponsor of the American Legion Riders Chapter 22, Whitman, MA – 2007, 2008

“Absolutely! With a strong strategic relationship with Skope, we are able to provide new means to market and promote our catalog, making our customers quite happy of the results.”

Kevin Rivers – WaTunes.com CEO

“My name is Scott and I read your magazine. Its very cool with great music.”

I just wanted to share a favorite band of mine called Livintrust. They’re a band I saw three years ago play with for 30 Seconds to Mars, Hinder, Seether and Audioslave. Since then, I have seen them play over 100 times and hear them on the radio.

You can check out their website www.livintrust.net.”

Scott – Reader

“Mike, I just read the Kelley Greene review, I have to tell you, actually seeing that in writing brought a tear to my eye, thank you.”

Jonathan Greene – Kellygreene.com – Manager

“Working with Skope Media was a positive experience! It was one of the few times when everything went as planned. The staff was communicating in a timely manner. Prohibition shall definitely work with Skope again while promoting vocalist TRAEDONYA.”

A.K Smith-Ford – CEO – Prohibition Ent

“I was recently turned onto your great mag/site and really like the mix of unknown and big-name talents.”

Shawn Vreeland – Reader

“Thank you so much for adding us to Skope!

Thank you again for including us! We are honored to be a part of Skope!”


Jake A. Wheat


“I can’t thank you enough! You guys are amazing! I consider this to be a very big breakthrough in getting the word out on our project, and I am just overwhelmed!

Please provide me with your mailing address so I can send you our first volume CD!

Thank you again Mike… and God bless you!”


Jake A. Wheat


Skopemag.com Is The # 1 “Music” Search Term on: www.starposition.com For 2008 – 2009

“Hi Michael,

I’m a HUGE fan of Skope and have been for years. I’m working for this band called The White Tie Affair.”

Darren – PR – The White Tie Affair

“You are so on. I love how you do business.”

Mona Loring – President – MLC PR

“Traci Root here. I’d love to do a Q&A! I checked out the mag site. Looks great! Let me know when and how to proceed!”

Traci Root – www.traciroot.com

“I checked out Skope Magazine and I noticed that you strive for creating music community networks across genres and geographical boundaries and connecting music enthusiasts around the world with mainstream and emerging “long-tail” artists. This is the reason why I’m writing you.”

Pravini Baboeram – www.pravinimusic.com

“Hey Mike, Thanks for doing this Lori bit! Her whole team loved it, and our office loves your site :)”

Kerin W. – Rock Ridge Music

“Hey Mike, Thanks for getting at us. Once again much respect for Skope, it’s a dope magazine. Thanks for the invite to the Autism Event, we’ll definitely try to make it out to that.”

A-Dub – www.myspace.com/urbanmercury

“This is my new favorite band, I can’t wait to see them live, thanks for posting.” Band: Black Magic

Toby – Reader Comment

“Whats up! I go by the name of D.Julien, upcoming artist from Brooklyn, New York. I’m a fan of the site/mag.”

D.Julien – www.myspace.com/djulien

“I wanted to say also I’m very excited about writing for Skope and really believe in it, so hope I can stick with it for a long time to come.

Bottom line is I’m still very excited about writing for skopemag.com and really believe in the future of Skope. Very glad we started talking awhile back, just feels like it was meant to be. Music journalism is my thing, love doing it and can picture myself doing it the rest of my life and would love for it to be with you and Skope, if possible.”

Jimmy Rae – Skope Staff Writer

“Dave Brandwein here again from Galaxy Smith. You guys did that interview with me a few months back about our Digital Record Label. I really enjoyed that, and I got some great feedback following the article both about the interview and about your site as well.”

Dave Brandwein – Galaxy Smith, Inc.

“hey – you guys reviewed my album “ninety-four” recently. i wanted to thank you for taking the time out to give the album a thorough listen and thoughtful review. i appreciate anyone who listens, regardless of whether they had a positive or negative response to the album. but i get a sense of satisfaction when someone truly understands, as it seems your staff did. so again – thanks to the staff at SKOPE for listening to the album. it was a good read.

if you ever need anything from any of us, ,please do not hesitate to give me a shout.”


wil aka bugzy bogart

culture vi records, inc.

“Hey Michael,

I am a big fan of the online magazine and thought you guys might appreciate this. I have a client named, KO the Legend, who has been gaining some buzz here in California.”

Ray Oh


“Hey Michael,

I wrote for Skope… maybe a year ago (give or take some months). I manage a group called The Cranberry Show and we’re working on the single “Grind It Out”… take a listen and give me your honest, personal opinion.

You’re one of the people whose opinion I value (and magazine I still love)… so I’m looking for your views as someone in the industry.

Thanks Michael”

Kennita Hickman

“Hey Michael,

Have been a fan of Skope Mag for a minute and wanted to take a second to introduce you to an artist I represent who might catch your ear.

Colin Munroe caught some buzz earlier this year with his unofficial remix of Kanye’s “Flashing Lights”. The track became something of an internet sensation and landed him a deal over @ Universal Motown. Colin’s sorta odd in the sense that he writes and produces all of his own music — including playing EVERY instrument. He’s also hard to pin down, equally comfortable producing hip hop as he is his own brand of alt-pop.”

Andrew Kennedy – www.markedmusic.com

“Thank you for your great review of Selah! We really appreciate your words and advice. It’s exciting to see the band on a site I’ve visited many times! Skope is a great resource for music. I’m a big fan of Snob Doodle and specifically his rant on country music from awhile back.”

George Roskos – West Gate

“Thanks for considering me Mike, I love what you do for bands and how you help spread the word, I do believe these are exciting times ahead for music, back to basics is happening and it is awesome!!! Much success to you and to SKOPE.”

Christine – Tucci Music

“Working with Skope was a huge aid in promoting the launch of Indieonthemove.com and really helped in informing musicians of the many benefits of our website.”

Bryan Weber – www.Indieonthemove.com

“Hi there! My name’s Heather Robb – I’m an avid reader of your blog, as well as a member of an NYC-based trio called ‘The Spring Standards’. I’m writing because I’d love to share some of our music with you.”

Heather – www.thespringstandards.com

“Mike, you are wonderful!! A man of his word. If only everyone were as responsive as you.”

Rachel Olin – www.twoshepsthatpass.com

Hello. My name’s Alexander, I’m representing a Moscow-based recording company Soundhunters. So, first, I’d like to say THANK YOU guys for what you’re doing and please keep up your great work.

Alexander Agapov – www.soundhunters.su

“Jimmy, thank you so much for taking the time to interview me! I am a big fan of Skope so it is a real honor to be a featured artist in it!!”

Patrice Peris – www.seepatrice.com

“TRAEDONYA ON SKOPE RADIO: Hey everyone check out TRAEDONYA AKA ”THE BRIDE OF THE NEW FUNK HIPOPERA” in rotation on the www.skopemag.com Radio Player featured on the front page on the site with other hot tracks.

In closing a big shout out to publisher Mike Friedman for being a leader in supporting TRAEDONYA’S sound.”

AK Ford-Smith – www.myspace.com/TRAEDONYA

“Awesome – you guys are a really successful site. Congratulations on that. I remember when you reviewed my album “ninety-four” a few months ago – it was one of the best reviews I had read. You seemed to have understood my album quite well.”

Wil – Culture V Records

“Skope it’s always a pleasure for me to speak to you, and the readers of your magazine.”

Vernon Neilly – www.boosweet.com

“Hi, I’m a Hip-Hop artist from the Los Angeles area, and I’ve been on your site and peeped your magazine a few….hmm thousand times!”

Werd – www.myspace.com/thewerd

“This is all such great news and I consdier it an honor to be included in your amazing magazine. Thank you so much!”

Loni Rose – www.sonicbids.com/lonirose

“Duelling Divas loves Skopemag”

Duelling Divas – www.duellingdivas.com

“Thanks alot. And keep up the good work. I’ve been a fan of Skope for a long time and always check out new stuff coming out on there. Take care.”

Matty H – www.myspace.com/stateofemergence

“I’m writing Skope Magazine in hopes of contributing to the magazine. I’ve always been a big fan and I believe I could add a unique voice to the magazine.”

Joshua Kloke – http://drinktothedeathofregret.blogspot.com

“Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm for the strip, it’s really great to get such positive feedback. Contributing to Skope has been really great, the money has been an added bonus. It’s been great working with you and I’m excited about continuing to do so in 2009. Have a great holiday.”

Alex MacDuff – www.alexmacduff.com

“Mike, this is beautiful! I hope you are having a good holiday season. Thank you so much. You have no idea how appreciated all your work is. Thank you and happy holidays.
You totally rock!”

Phyllis Pollack – Def Press Public Relations

“Thanks! Hey, I really like Skope! Well anywayz I even watched your videos, it’s professional and you guys could be like the next MTV if you wanted too. I know you are a magazine but you guys are put together very well!”

EYE’Z – www.myspace.com/eyemsoeyeze

“Hello, How are you? I hope well. Thank you for taking the time to read this correspondence. We here at Push-A-Pen Entertainment are big fans of your magazine.”

Erica A.Adjeman – Push-A-Pen Entertainment

“Hi Mike: I really enjoy your site :)”

Ted – www.tjfengcai.com

“Love the site. Very well organized, and the artists are great.”

Bryan – www.myspace.com/AroundtheWorldandBack

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that I really appreciated Jimmy Rae’s article in Skope regarding my new CD, Concrete World and the Lover’s Dream. Naturally I appreciated getting a glowing review, but I also really enjoyed his writing style and attention to detail. I also e-mailed him and found him extremely accessible. In what can be a somewhat jaded world, it’s great to bump into a skilled and enthusiastic writer.”

Anne Weiss – www.anneweiss.com

“I decided to check out your website after seeing that you had done a review for Blue Matter’s performance at Millys Tavern (they are friends of ours). We are currently searching for places to do a review of our new album. You guys seem plugged into today’s scene and we would very much like to know what you think of our new music.”

Phil – www.myspace.com/dutyfreeband

Skopemag.com Advertises on Dacapopress Music Books (January – March 2008):


“However you guys are doing a great job with your online Magazine. Good for you!”

Leah West – www.LeahWest.com

“By the way, I love the website! You guys are doing a great job.”

Steve Fantasia, Manager – www.shaimus.com

“Thanks so much, I really appreciate it and I dig your magazine!”

Zac Cataldo – www.nighttrainstudios.com

“Thanks again to you, Janie Franz, and the Skope Magazine crew for all the support. You were our first substantial press and the Bigga Haitian article will always be an important milestone for us.”

Marc Lawrence – www.walkuprecords.com

“I absolutely love the review, Jimmy!! Thanks so much for your eloquent words and your support! Looks wonderful on the Skope Mag site too – I’m a new fan of your writing and Skope.”

Valerie Mih – www.myspace.com/valeriemih

“Skope Magazine is an official sponsor of our MSXS shows this year and has always been a huge supporter of MeowPoww Media. I want to give a special thanks to Mike Friedman and the Skope Team for all your help.”

Gin Hebert – www.meowpoww.com

“Greetings Mr. Friedman. I went and reviewed your online magazine and radio broadcasts. You’re really doing some great work.”

Chantel Enterprises

“Mike, You are a total pro, a gentleman and someone who runs their business with honor. That is rare these days, my friend. Well done!”

Eugene Foley – www.foleyentertainment.com

“Thanks for the everything and I look forward to reading the article. I’ve enjoyed reading all of the articles, reviews and news at Skope. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Thomas “Tommy D” Doggett – www.myspace.com/thomasdoggett

“Psh, no problem, I am proud to be a contributor to your already awesome mag.”

Alex MacDuff – www.indieposter.com

Skope Is The Official Sponsor Of The 2009 American Legion Riders, Chapter 22 5th Annual Korean War Rememberance Ride – Whitman, MA



“K’NAAN is among the artists that I represent, and I am reaching out to introduce myself and thank you for the killer coverage you’ve had on Skope for our guy, to date. Your site has been a HUGE help in getting the word out about his music, videos and appearances this year, and we hope that you will continue to be a strong and positive voice as he releases additional content in the future.”

Michael Burrows – www.amoctone.com

“Our experience with you guys has been so good, and you’ve been so courteous and responsive. In a world of sometimes-discourteous people in this business, it’s been a true pleasure. Thank you again and wishing you a wonderful 2009 and beyond.”

Paul – www.sonicbids.com/paravion

“Dear Skope: My name is Kate Strand. I am a huge fan of your website.”

Kate Strand – www.myspace.com/katestrand

“Very cool! Many many thanks! I’ll be recommending your wonderful extra services to musicians I know. I work for Disc Makers – so I’m constantly chatting with musicians who need PR stuff like this.”

Bailey – www.myspace.com/baileyandthe

“You may want to note that Skope is the first one (as far as I know) outside of Michelle’s websites to air this Grace Slick, Michelle Mangione “Love Disappears” track.

Teresa Conboy P.R. – teresaconboypr@yahoo.com

“Thanks alot man, I will always remain humbled. You guys showed me love from the jump and I’ll always remember that, much respect fam! Speak 2 you soon.”

City Haze – www.Myspace.com/CityHaze718

“Thanks again for all the help you provide for unsigned artists!! Your work is much appreciated. Hope you have a blessed day Mr. Friedman. Take care.”

Delmone Taylor – www.lajunta505.com

“Hi Mike, Just wanted to thank you folks for your write up in the magazine! I really enjoyed reading it and am sharing it with everyone I know. Thanks again! BTW–the Lincoln Memorial show was great and as a result I have been invited to play the annual picnic at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in DC.”

Ted Painter – www.myspace.com/thesouthcountyband

“Hey Mike, Rock on man! Thanks so much for the great review, we’re all super pumped about it!! We all love your site and check it every day to see what’s goin’ on in the music world. Keep up the good work!! We’ll be in touch man!”

Matty – State of Emergence

“NatStar featured on Popular e-magazine “SkopeMag.com”: Hip Hop’s new musical genius NatStar The King was featured on Skopemag.com for the exclusive release of 50 cents “Extacy”. NatStar is featured on the remix along with J-son. Skope Magazine engages millions of music enthusiasts around the globe.”

NatStar – www.natstartheking.com

“Skope has a special place in my life and I’ve truly enjoyed working with you!”

Erika Gradecki – Staff Writer

“Hi Michael, Hope this finds you well :) Your magazine is one of my favorites and I loved working with you in the past.”

Ashley Martorana – Enchanted Records – www.stacierose.com

“Also, a big thanks to Skope Magazine and Janie…she did a great review for us in her music column!!”

Suzanne – www.sonicbids.com/gregwood


Eye’z – www.thebizmo.com/eyez


Rob Carlton – www.myspace.com/robcarlton

“Thanks for your time & resources Mike, you have a great site – keep up the good work!”

Matt – www.coalminerecords.com

“Much love from Rochester New York! You guys have great taste in music!”

Aqua Island – www.myspace.com/aquaisland

“Hello Skope. What can I say, I am a fan. What a great resource you have built.”

Ronnie Glass – www.audiomicro.com

“Thank Mike, I really like your site as well.”

David A – www.counterpointpictures.com

“Hey Mike, We really appreciate the great work! Looks fantastic!”

David A – www.counterpointpictures.com

“We have been getting an amazing response from the interview/e-blast! Our pledges have sky-rocketed! Thank you so much for your support!”

Ashley – www.stacierose.com

“Thanks Mike for everything you’ve done so far, its been a great experience! The Downward Spiral Has Begun.”

Downcast Theory – www.myspace.com/downcasttheory

“Hey there Mike. Let’s get started! I’m so excited to work with you :)”

Susan Elizabeth – www.susanelizabethsongs.com

“Thanks again for everything you have done. Your site is just awesome. I really do love the songs on the MP3 player.”

Will Funk – www.veronicasessions.com

“Mike (& Stoli): There are no possible words to express how grateful I am to you and your team…My sincerest thanks <3 Stacie Rose!”

Stacie Rose – www.stacierose.com

“Hi. I am an upcoming female rapper and would love to be featured in your magazine. I was recommended by a close friend that this site is fantastic and I have been coming here for the past months and I truly believe it.”

Meyah Inniss – www.myspace.com/gorgeousmi

“Hello Michael, Just a quick one to say that everything looks just great! Thank you for your time and for creating my account. You and Jimmy Rae are awesome professionals and it’s a big pleasure to work with you.”

Steven Bryan – www.myspace.com/stevenbryanmusic

“Mike, Just wanted to say a quick thanks for supporting my comic, for almost a year and a half now. If it weren’t for Skope, I might not still be writing it. That’s all, just wanted to say thanks for your support (and the cash, too). I am proud to be a contributor to Skope Magazine.”

Alex MacDuff – www.alexmacduff.com

“God has blessed me with another opportunity. I was able to do a radio interview on Youtube with Skope TV.”

Chill – http://skopemag.com/2009/12/08/skope-tv-phoner-with-chill

“Hey Mike – you can blast this on Monday if you haven’t already. I appreciate your help on this thus far – you have been wonderful to work with!”

Chrissy – www.luckmedia.com

“YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST EVER.How did I get so lucky to meet you!!!!??? THANK YOU!”

Laurena – www.gritpr.com

“Hi Mike. Campaign looks great, cannot be better!!! Thank you so much. We are really happy.”

Greetings from Tatjana, Damir, and Volodja – www.amaeltrio.com

“On a personal note, I really have a tremendous amount of respect for what you have done with the Skope business structure. From everything I have come across throughout the past few years it seems Skope is really on the forefront of a lot of things in the industry.”

David Kraus – www.platform-1.com

“Thank you so much, Mike – you have been incredibly helpful and totally professional! The pleasure is truly mine!!! Thanks!”

Lori Diamaond – http://loridiamond.net

“Thanks for the support and you’re great website I’m stoked to be a part of it.”

Jaret Campisi – www.myspace.com/jaretacoustic

“Thanks Michael, I’ll be sending business Skope’s way, you guys do your thing.”

Phizz Ed – www.myspace.com/phizzed

“Hi Mike, I work with RootMusic.com and we just love Skope! Keep up the great work!”

Elliot T – www.RootMusic.com

“Hello Michael, I absolutely love the layout, format and musical diversity of Skope.”

Jeff Gerew – www.C7Photo.com

“My name is Gleb Lisichkin. I am an independent music promoter from Moscow, Russia. First of all, I would like to thank you for your excellent work: I really loved your website and I respect your music taste – that’s why I decided to write to you.”

Gleb Lisichkin – Independent Promoter – Moscow, Russia

“Greetings Mike: Thanks so much for the advice, counsel, and recommendations on yesterday. You already have been a blessing and I definetely plan on keeping you in the loop as to the progress that is being made on my end.”

Marcus J Austin – http://marcusjaustin.com/

“Thanks so much, you are so great to work with, much appreciated!! =)”

Chrissy – www.luckmedia.com

“And thank you for all your amazing support…maybe I’m biased, but you’re the best editor in the world!”

Keldine H – www.keldine.com

“I really appreciate all the help from you guys and this campaign. We are more than happy with everything and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of Skope!”

Brian Anderson – www.myspace.com/thebloodshotgamblers

“Mike ur consistently amazing!!!!!!”

Brad Taylor – www.bigmachinemedia.com

“I advertised in Skope a few years ago and got a good response.”

Rome Pete

“Michael – thank you for all your work to feature Mongrel Mix on Skope, everything looks great and we are very happy with the way our PR campaign is progressing.”

Ed Wagner – www.mongrelmix.com

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With so many hustlers out there taking money from artists and providing no service, your e mail press release blasts are a great asset to artists, managers, labels and PR pros with clients in the music industry. I will continue to use your blast press release service as I have newsworthy information about all of my bands. Keep up the good work. Very truly yours!”

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“By the way, we had such a great response from the interview. I’ll be putting a link on my website www.jlrsound.com.au and the band’s various sites.”

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“The campaign is great by the way.”

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Elaine Cumming – www.hippobird.com

“Would love to get reviewed by Skope. I remember when the magazine first came out and featured Fall Out Boy before anyone even knew who they were.”

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Dudley P Allen – Texas Music Works – txmusicworks@gmail.com

“Mike, 2011 looks like it’s going to be a banner year, with the success of the music on the charts and everyone’s mind on touring, people are starting to get a little excited about all the possibilities.

And to think, Skope helped to really get it all started, by taking a chance on our little projects from Prime USA Records.”


“Hey Michael! My name is Ivan David, I front a band called Opensight. I’ve been visiting Skope for a while now, looking at stuff of prog and rock/metal bands.”

Ivan David – www.opensightband.com

“Hi Mike, this is Ed from Mongrel Mix we had done an interview with Skope last year. Very satisfied with the Skope review/interview/mp3 package and will be doing another campaign later this year, I really appreciate all your efforts.”

Ed Wagner – www.mongrelmix.com

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Rebecca Cicione – www.comeandlive.com

“We would be extremely thrilled to share Marcella Araica’s compelling story of self-designed chart topping success with the readers of Skope, as it is the premier publication dedicated to the ever-evolving and complex state of the music industry.”

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“Dear Mr. Friedman, I just wanted to take the time out thank you for your contribution to the music world. I recently read the interview with DJ Anthony Pisano and was very intrigued by the introduction. Alex Markow did a fantastic job of painting a vivid picture of a taste of the life of DJ Pisano before giving the readers a full meal. I have a high respect for you and your staff for keeping us up-to-date with the music world. Please continue to do so.”

Delonte Bracken – Reader

“Skope is a cool magazine.”

Marc Blackwell – www.marcblackwellmusic.com

“Hi Mike: I just wanted to thank you for the WONDERFUL JOB you guys did with my feature INTERVIEW!!! I am so HAPPY and very impressed with your work as a company and also impressed with your human touch! Send my regards to Stoli for his personalized comments and his caring touch to the post. Thank you guys you are the BEST! Please keepme posted on any services or opportunities you are aware of or that you offer and that I might benefit from. MUCH LOVE and GRATITUDE…”

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J.J. Crowne – www.reverbnation.com/jjcrowne

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Maria Monasterios – Body Music

“Hello Mike and Jimmy, I am so appreciative and respectful of your time and the integrity Skope obviously has in making sure things are done well.”

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Jordan Alston – The Academy of Rhetoric, Theory & Sound

“Michael-Happy New Year man, I hope this finds you well. I want to thank you for writing about my Van Morrison Cover last year, it was a great help and really drove a lot of your readers to my website and to my abundant free music.”

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“Hey mike it’s Jake, I talked to you yesterday about my song up on your page, I was just wondering if you would help me promote my music page…. I appreciate Skope radio and everything you guys have done for me it makes everyone want to hear my music, so if you’re willing to help me promote, here’s my reverb nation page! www.reverbnation.com/jdg207. Thanks so much for all of your support you guys are incredibly nice people!!!”

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As fans of fantastic music, your site is a wonderful resource. We enjoy learning more about all of the amazing talents you feature, and we can’t wait to see what you are going to feature next.”

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Bill Ray Deiz – http://snowymountainboys.com

“Hey there, my name is Mike Burns from the band The Implants. Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the recent interview. I had a blast doing it, and I totally appreciate the opportunity to be a part of SkopeMag.com. It was truly an honor. Thanks (to all those involved) for the kind words. Gene Foley said you guys were a class act, and he was so right. Thanks again.”

M. Burns / The Implants – http://www.implantsmusic.com

“You guys are really doing a great job, interview questions were great too and you putted together great. We will work together again!!! Thanks!!!”

Eva c/o PATRON THE DEPTH MC – www.patronthedepthmc.com

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Tom George – FiXT PR

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Louis Batey (Artist Name: “Sulio”) – http://reverbnation.com/sulio

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Richard Fendler – rfendler@stetson.edu

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Jaclyn – http://rightnowagainstbullying.com

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Gene Foley – Foley Ent – www.foleyentertainment.com

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Cheers: Robert Godfrey – www.mayhemderanged.com

“Since SKOPE has been so good to me, YOU’RE in the book, first of all, close to the top of the “Recommended Links” section, and I hope it results in thousands of hits and new artists coming your way. I wrote about SKOPE a few times in the book actually.”

James Moore – “Your Band Is A Virus – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ADPGIXK

“Mike, I’m not sure if you remember our conversation from 2 yrs ago – but I think you’re awesome. We got into life as it was and as it is.”

Cat – http://selectiveimageinc.com

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“Look –I’m a big fan. Keep up the good promotions work. Let’s make 2013 something special for both of us!”

Billy Ray Deiz – http://snowymountainboys.com/

Hi Mike! This is just a little update to let you know that I am pleased with the exposure from Skope!

Deborah HENRIKSSON – www.deborahhenriksson.com

“My old band Girls Like Cigarettes got some great exposure with you guys, so I’m hoping to keep the relationship going!”

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“I want to thank you for the opportunities you have afforded me this year. You have helped me grow as a writer and I’m looking forward to another year working with you! :o)”

Rebecca Hosking – www.rebeccahosking.com

“And thank you for using your medium to help spread the word about all of these Independent artists that truly deserve it. I am always on Skope checking out all of the great artists you feature, and love the updates we receive about new features and content. Thanks for everything man. I will be in touch again soon.”

Justin – http://rsmpromotions.weebly.com/

“Last December, you chose me as a December 2011 Artist to Watch. Since that time and while an indie, I charted on the most well-known Americana and Roots music charts. I also won a Warner Bros. Records showcase. Then in September, I got a phone call and was signed to the record label, Creative & Dreams. I was wondering if you’d like to do a feature on me, since you chose me then as an indie as one to watch.”

Erisa Rei – http://www.erisareimusic.com

“Thank you so much Mike…you and your team, and Skope, are amazing!!! I can’t wait to work with you more soon!!!”

Naomi K – www.reverbnation.com/naomik

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Rohan Pommels – http://www.reverbnation.com/rohanpommels

“Hey Mike, great work on the YouTube campaign. Your activity works well to draw in organic views and provides a positive social influence for me. Its all about balance.”

Paul Grenier – www.reverbnation.com/allofone

“Mike, Outstanding! I am sure the band will love it. Kudos to you and your team!! Thanks again! Here’s to making Lion in The Mane a household name!!”

TimZ – http://www.lioninthemane.com

“Hey Mike, great work on the YouTube campaign. Your activity works well to draw in organic views and provides a positive social influence for me. Its all about balance.”

Paul Grenier – www.reverbnation.com/allofone

“Mike, Outstanding! I am sure the band will love it. Kudos to you and your team!! Thanks again! Here’s to making Lion in The Mane a household name!!”

TimZ – http://www.lioninthemane.com

“Thanks for the help!! The service you offer is great and very reasonably priced!!”

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Sherri Thompson – VBG Ventures

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Frank – http://littlehouselive.com

“For years your publication has been reinventing the way we think about music and entertainment. With innovative and accurate reports and reviews, you continue to impress and inspire.”

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OnPlanetZu – http://www.reverbnation.com/onplanetzu

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Peter Wise – http://peterwisemusic.com

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This is incredibly cool….thank you for giving this talented, severely unappreciated, criminally overlooked gem of an artist the light of day…you are a king amongst men. And we really appreciate you giving Marya “Top billing”, since so many “cool indie music websites” just bury our premieres into oblivion on their sites and it leads to clients having their feathers ruffled. You didn’t do that so for that, we are extremely grateful.

Andy Gesner – http://www.hipvideopromo.com

“Thanks Michael. Your doing a great service for the music community there at Skope. you’re a man of your word and it’s much appreciated. Christen feels the same. Looking to do more in the very near future. Best Regards.”

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Alvin Harrison – https://soundcloud.com/the-99-3/

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