SevvTheArtist New Video “BLU” (she/her)

R&B done right puts us in a mood. You know the feeling—sultry, sexy, sensuous, even if a bit somber or reluctant. In fact, that tension adds to the mystique and toxicity of this seductive and infectious R&B tune.

Lucky for you, upcoming singer-songwriter SevvTheArtist does R&B right—real right. Born in Greensboro, NC and raised on a steady diet of soul and jazz, Sevv grew up toying with the titillating tones of saxophone and trombone. Dipping her toes into live performances, she felt the energetic flow made possible by music. Winding her way to R&B, she released her debut EP Pre-K in 2020 and immediately started garnering attention. Subsequent releases have landed on R&B radio, TIDAL’s Rising R&B playlist, Sirius XM’s Heart & Soul, BET Soul and Music Choice R&B Soul. Now, with a growing following and plenty of new music coming down the line, Sevv is ready to claim her domain in the genre and culture.

First up in a line of singles from SevvTheArtist is the vibing slow-jam “BLU”. Musing over a steady rock of drums and bass, Sevv paints an indigo landscape of emotional uncertainty in a rocky relationship. The seesawing melody mimics the self-aware lyrics, which oscillate from engaged arousal to cold indifference about the consequences of infidelity. Through all the turmoil and thrill, Sevv maintains that necessary balance of cool confidence and warm allure.

Simmer a bit longer while you enjoy the music video for “BLU”, directed by IAMDZHN and J. Inez. Sliding through vibey low-lit scenes of house parties and strip clubs, the video unveils a flashy lifestyle and a glimpse into Sevv’s “blue-heart”. Second by second, we taste the sweetness of vice as we follow both women stepping out on their partners, intersecting layers of temptation and lust. The flick meticulously undresses the affair interwoven with flashbacks to the pivotal moments leading to inception. No need to seek your own guilty pleasures—simply surrender to the seductive embrace of “BLU.”

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