Sun, Sea, and Shred – Cali Supergroup ‘The Project’ Rocks Out With New Album ‘Best Days’

California sounds too good to be kept in state which is why new LA rock supergroup The Project is sharing it with the world on their new album Best Days. The album releases early 2024 and is a non-stop feel-good ride through the worlds of classic hard rock and pop rock which everyone can rock out to. Ahead of the album, audiences can look forward to The Project releasing a series of singles including the album’s titular single Best Days.

The debut album from The Project is the brainchild of Cali-rock scene’s own James Davis who originally made waves in the 00s with his previous band Shameless as lead guitarist. The band won Best Hard Rock Band at the Southern California Music Awards in 2006, Best Hard Rock Band Rock City News in 2005 and 2006, and Best Metal Band at the Inland Empire Music awards in 2006.

Though Shameless built up a devout international following, James Davis is now breaking out into a sound as influenced by the best of pop as it is of metal with his supergroup The Project. The Project will be announcing incredible surprise members in the months to come but at present are able to boast Shameless’s power vocalist Jeff Plant and quote Pump5 drummer Andre Bonter as saying, “When I see a friend with THAT much talent, and doing nothing with it, it hurts my rock and roll soul, so I put my super drummer cape on to save the day!”.

The band’s lead and titular single Best Days ensnares audiences from its opening drum fill. What follows is an unreal throwback with all the finesse of the best of modern productions. Best Days is truly a song that pulls from all corners of the rock world with vocals that would be at home at Sabbath, hazy guitars that would be at home at Smashing Pumpkins; Rush-style breakdowns and the pop hooks of Blink-182.

The album was recorded at Arrowhead West Studio in Rancho Cucamonga, California; and produced by Dennis Hill, (who has worked with such acts as Face to Face, Sammy Hagar, Montgomery Gentry, The Poor Boys and Lefty to name a few), and co-produced and engineered by Steven Barnett of Pump5, mixed and mastered by Mike Troolines, (Los Lobos, Ignite and Righteous Brothers).

Whether you’re a fan of good rock done right or the irresistible pull of Cali-living, The Project are here to welcome you into the sandy beach mosh pit.

Their album Best Days will be available across all platforms early next year.