Tamar Berk releases new “Tiny Injuries” with vibrant and lovely video “cash out”

Today Tamar Berk releases her third solo album “tiny injuries” a collection of 12 songs that combine confessional lyrics with polished pop production and undeniable hooks.

Tiny Injuries finds Tamar redefining herself in the wake of her dad’s passing, and what she finds often isn’t flattering, as she works her way through grief and into acceptance.

“We all go through life and have experienced things that affect us and cause problems, whether we know that at the time or not,” she says. “Lots of anxiety and memories we can never rid ourselves of. Some of them are small, and some are bigger but they are injuries that remain with us. And it’s not about ‘poor me.’ Everyone internalizes these injuries, and none of them are ‘tiny.'”

The release is accompanied by a third video for “Cash Out.” The video was filmed at Salvation Mountain, an area deep in the Southern California desert. She says “Though my song “Cash Out” is about those days when we feel like giving up, it doesn’t always mean I’ll do so. Salvation Mountain is a place of hope. The video is meant to serve as a reminder that there is always hope.”