What Happens in the Case of a Head-on Crash?

Frontal car impacts can prove lethal for passengers and drivers with severe injuries. If you even get involved in a head-on collision in San Diego due to someone’s mistake, it’s better to seek legal advice to compensate reasonably for your sufferings. Head-on car crash cases tend to be complicated because the detection of the at-fault driver depends on the car’s position. You will not get compensation without proving others’ liability for your car damages and injuries. Talk to an expert lawyer immediately if you want to make sure you get this. They will investigate the matter to collect evidence to establish the other driver’s fault. You can rely on them to also put a fair claim amount based on the extent of damages. 

The vehicle collision legal experts will build a strong case against the offender, file settlements and negotiate, follow deadlines for lawsuit filing in the city, etc. They will do everything that best serves your interest as a car accident victim. Here are some intricate details about head-on crashes to give you a better understanding of the situation.

Causes of head-on car collision 

Also called a frontal crash, this accident occurs when two cars from opposite directions hit each other on the front or head-to-head, leading to severe damage to one running at full speed. These are similar to sideswipe accidents, with the main difference being the impact on the specific side of the car. Because two vehicles hit each other in the front, injury risks are higher. Nevertheless, multiple factors can cause this accident, such as changing lanes suddenly, driving while talking or texting, driving under drug or alcohol influence, taking the wrong direction, speeding, and more. No matter what leads to this road accident, occupants with seatbelts are also unsafe. However, it doesn’t mean one should not use these safety solutions.

Victims sustain injuries on the neck, back, chest, bones, etc. Severity can lead to paralysis, brain damage, limb loss, spinal cord damage, etc. If you don’t fasten your seatbelt, you can even be thrown out due to the impact of the collision. Sometimes, it can amount to death as well.

Damages and liability

These car accidents may involve property damage, pain & suffering (non-economic damage), and financial loss. However, you can claim reimbursement for lost income, medical expenses, and out-of-pocket expenses. It will be the other driver’s liability to compensate for this. But one must have adequate evidence to establish he is guilty. You will find full support in these and other legalities if you consult a trusted lawyer. They can help you with accident and police reports, testimonies of the eyewitnesses, getting details from traffic and surveillance cameras, and others. 

Every state and county takes proper measures to prevent car crashes. Still, these events continue to occur despite education campaigns on careful driving and stricter laws. If you or someone dear to you ever gets into trouble because of the other driver’s mistake, please seek professional help. Some injuries take time to heal, while others may never leave you. But monetary assistance can reduce your financial burden slightly. Hence, you must fight for it with knowledge and support.