@skopemag Review – Franchón – ‘Secret Place’

Franchón’s debut single ‘Secret Place’ takes us on a captivating musical journey that showcases her powerful voice, which is just as formidable as her boxing skills. With joyful rhythms and a bewitching melody, this dance/pop/electronic track whisks listeners away from reality to the dance floor.

Produced by the renowned C-Rod at Miami’s legendary ‘Criteria Recording Studios’, the song hooks the audience from the very first second. Franchón’s unique charisma shines through the vocal melodies, capturing a modern yet nostalgic feel. The song’s versatility allows it to resonate differently depending on the listener’s mood, offering both contemporary dance/pop vibes and warm, nostalgic feelings.

Alongside the original single, ‘Secret Place’ comes with four remixes, each with its distinct flavour, showcasing Franchón’s diverse talents. From the Until Dawn remix with epic brass sections to the high-energy pop dance Slim Tim remix, the album delivers an array of sounds for everyone.

As Franchón embarks on a new career in music while maintaining her boxing pursuits, she proves herself as a multi-talented artist. With thousands of monthly listeners and streams, it’s evident that she’s on track to conquer the music world just as she did in the boxing ring.

‘Secret Place’ is an exciting debut, setting high expectations for Franchón’s future musical endeavours. We wish her the best in both her personal and professional life, eagerly awaiting what she has in store for her ever-growing fan base across different realms. If her debut single is anything to go by, Franchón is destined for greatness in the music world.