A Beacon of Hope: round-cut-diamonds in Philanthropy and Charity

Diamond buyers around the world are waking up to the damage done in central and western Africa by the illegal diamond trade. Diamonds mined in these regions are often referred to as blood or conflict diamonds. Not only are such diamonds mined by people held in near slavery by mine owners and managers, but the environmental impact falls most heavily on those who live nearby.

Because diamond mining tends to go deep and often damages local water supplies, the living conditions for those who live near diamond mines are not safe. Worse, access to education and safe sanitation is often limited by the powers that be in these regions. The cycle of poverty, despair and misery is generational.

However, modern jewelers and designers are using opportunities to create diamond jewelry and diamond-inspired art to raise funds to increase opportunities in many depressed communities, including the Congo. Access to lab created diamonds gives such artists the ability to create with no concerns about inadvertent use of blood or conflict diamonds.


Where Do Round Cut Diamonds Come In?

The Round Cut Diamond features 57 facets on the top and 1 on the bottom. Round cut diamonds offer more sparkle than any other cut and are often used in halo effects around other stones. Because round cut stones are so highly faceted, factors such as blemishes and inclusions are not as obvious, especially on the smaller stones. Those hoping to create a piece for charity have the chance to design and build a piece of remarkable beauty with less costly stones for a larger benefit.

By building a piece strictly using lab created Rare Carat Round cut diamonds, designers wipe out the risk of creating a piece using a conflict diamond. They can also get much more bang for their diamond buck. A 1 carat lab created diamond of good quality will cost around $800. A mined diamond of similar quality and size would cost approximately $1,300 more. 

Because round diamonds are so popular and offer terrific sparkle, the use of them in pieces created for philanthropic ventures offers those who create and market lab generated diamonds the ability to share more information about this burgeoning industry.

More Options, More Beauty, Less Risk

While round diamond solitaire stones and settings are among the most popular, we must note the increasing popularity of Rare Carat Oval Cut stones. Remember Princess Diana’s lovely oval cut sapphire with the halo of diamonds? This simple stone and elegant setting produced a timeless ring that passed easily to Kate Middleton. Oval stones are growing in popularity and offer many options to diamond shoppers, whether they’re buying for their own use or purchasing them at a charity auction.

The price difference between a lab created gem and a mined diamond are approximately the same, though the base price starts out a bit higher. Again, lab created gems offer both a lower price and a traceable history with no reliance on the darker history of diamond mining.

Historical Style, Latest Technology

Those who love the old fashioned Rare Carat Cushion Cut Diamond styling can also find new stones, ethically sourced, for their philanthropic goals and personal use. The lovely cushion cut comes to us from the 17th century and offers shoppers the chance to buy a stone that offers both sparkle and glow. 

The cushion cut stone has a larger table or flat surface on the top of the stone. The facets are deeper and the cushion cut is more likely to reflect colored light instead of just sparkle. Depending on your taste, the cushion cut can be just as lovely as the round cut diamond, but it will be less likely to reflect light and draw the eye.

The price difference between a lab generated cushion cut and a mined cushion cut is very similar to the difference on oval and round stones. However, you should be aware that cushion cut diamonds offer a lot more shape options than round or oval diamonds. Cushion cuts can be purchased in a rounded square or a rounded rectangle. Don’t finalize your design ideas before you have looked at all your options in the cushion cut line!

When you’re ready to make your diamond purchase, know that Rare Carat is ready to help you create a truly unique piece. This business has received strong reviews for excellent service, getting 4.9/t reviews on Trustpilot and in their Google Business Profile. Your personal and philanthropic diamond goals will be easily within reach with your purchase from Rare Carat.