Rev Peter Unger Double Release ‘Be Not Afraid’ & ‘There’s A Joy In My Heart’

Rev Peter Unger – ‘Be Not Afraid’

Strength through a powerful belief system command “Be Not Afraid 7-14” presents Rev Peter Unger as a thoughtful storyteller. Everything within the sound features an origami-like structure. He implores the listener to gaze up upon the savior, as this delicacy feels doubly refreshing. Not an instruction; for he looks out for others. Everything goes for this light touch, with a lightness that seemingly wafts into the sky. By going for this stance, he lets the inner soulfulness of the procession shine clearly through. The production emphasizes this intimacy, for, at certain moments, he lets the sound seemingly linger, adding to the importance of the message.

The guitar opens the track up, with the bass nicely tying the rest of it together, providing a luxurious low end. In many ways, the bass does wonders in complimenting Rev Peter Unger’s lower register. Lots of layers go through in this kaleidoscopic pop. Never overstaying his welcome, the song has a significant amount of care, allowing the piece to feel gorgeous. He expresses confidence that others should take solace in, realizing that there is a realm that they do not understand, and it is a beautiful one. No time for fear; this is a song about the love shown for the world, to realize that it is a better place than one could ever imagine.

“Be Not Afraid 7-14” reveals Rev Peter Unger to have a soothing, satisfying voice that resonates within the listener’s mind long after the track has ended.

Rev Peter Unger – ‘There’s A Joy In My Heart’

Rev Peter Unger embraces the listener on the tender spirit of “There’s A Joy In My Heart.” Looking for the world’s happiness, the lyrics focus on looking inward for true peace. The lyricism goes for a deeper meaning. Bass has a nimbleness perfectly accentuating his skill guitar work. Plenty of it explores the sense of space, the lightness of feeling free thanks to the Lord. With this ability, this yearning for a better spirit, the religious aspect of the word choice has kindness. He forgoes trends for this eternal aspect, an ability to guide others down the right path.

From the first moment, the song has an organic quality. The grooves go for a poignancy. He has a strong voice, serving as the work’s heart. Keeping things relatively loose allows him flexibility, reflected in how he cares for others throughout the track. A folksy disposition glides through the whole journey as he documents the care and consideration the Lord gives to those seeking him out. With the piece’s progression, this gorgeousness feels gentle to the ears. Besides the folk aspect, he incorporates elements of Celtic music, highlighting the classic cadence of the sound. Rising and falling action emphasize the peacefulness radiating over the whole thing, giving the track a fantastic finale for its last few moments as the guitar and bass decay.

“There’s A Joy In My Heart” has a blessed, faith-based sound as Rev Peter Unger develops a sweet, soothing message.