Scott & Sabrina New Single “Home” (Duet Version)

Scott & Sabrina slide into a classic Americana in the dreamy “Home.” The verses rest right in the soul of the sound. Rhythms have a laid-back mellowness, allowing every gesture to radiate in the vast space. Letting the instruments gradually enter the fray has this fantastic, beautiful bountiful style. Much of the work goes for a careful, clever majesty. Word choice matters as they ensure every moment in their lives is captured in exquisite detail. Going for this majesty means the track fills up so much space, virtually soaring into the sky.

Their vocals do each other tremendous justice in working together. Everything here works. The song has grandeur from the beginning, with the slide guitar work possessing a distinctive elegance. All the sounds go for this delicate balance between a whole slew of different styles. Folk, country, rock, classical, and chamber pop play a role in further filling out the atmosphere. Done with the utmost dignity, they share happiness, contentment. With each reiteration of the theme, the song’s strength increases, becoming more poignant. An ebb and flow comes through, helping to lend the music additional strength. One of their finest moments is when they let the arrangement drop out to focus more attention on their vocals, with the intimacy stunning. For the final stretch, the song lifts itself into the sky in a gorgeous fashion, completely breathtaking.

“Home” has a quiet elegance, with Scott & Sabrina delivering a sonic Valentine full of tremendous color and detail.