Irish Folk Artist Galvo Releases Emotive Debut Album The HeARTist

Dublin-based artist Galvo is releasing his sensational debut album The HeARTist later this year. The 14-track indie-folk project is heralded by the release of its lead single Getting Better and its music video, July 13th, 2023.

Getting Better perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the album both tonally and spiritually. Galvo’s soft and emotive vocals harmonise beautifully over a warm bed of acoustic guitar that swells with rousing and dynamic percussion. The single carries an optimistic message of self-improvement inspiring its listeners, all over a moving sonic sound bed.


The accompanying music video shows Galvo as a man cursed with tiny hands that struggles with even the simplest tasks until he makes a deal with a shaman who grants him monstrously huge hands. The video doesn’t shy away from its funnier moments but also tells a powerful message of the dangers of pursuing the extremes in life and learning to find comfort in who you are.

The HeARTist has a richness and depth to its storytelling that comes as no mistake. The project is very much a result of the miraculous and at times unbelievable life the artist behind it has led. Fans may also recognise Galvo from his other music project, the band A Dark Horse (Hugh Rodgers and Niall Woods) who also lent their musical talent to the record. Between his working-class Irish upbringing that saw his family flee violence, through running a Pakistani Hip Hop label in London, and even serving as a Knight on the Vale on HBO’s Game of Thrones, Galvo has his own voice and has earned it the hard way.

Getting Better will release across all platforms July 13th, 2023.

The HeARTist will release across all platforms later this year.