King Falcon’s New Single “Cadillac” Takes off

King Falcon – Cadillac – Single Cover Artwork

Straightforward but sporting enough of an edge to get just about any true rock fan excited about the ensuing melody, the illustrious but still wholeheartedly simple slew of riffing that greets us at the start of King Falcon’s new single “Cadillac” is as intoxicating as a shot of small batch bourbon, but frankly just a taste of what’s to come in the next few minutes. This band makes it known early on that they are not going to be messing around with synthetics in this all-new studio cut; they’ve got no place for filler in their music, and in “Cadillac,” they send a message to the establishment about their commitment to preserving rock’s most treasured attributes.


Singer Michael Rubin lyrics in this song matches the tonality of the guitar parts beautifully, and as much as I enjoy the studio-created version of the composition, something tells me it would be even more fetching when presented in a live environment. “Cadillac” has a beefy groove behind every one of its verses that begs for us to dig into the rhythm beside King Falcon and shake to the beat, which hasn’t been the case with a lot of the bigger-budget rock hits I’ve had the chance to take a peek at over the last four months.

We get some terrific garage rock sound out of this rhythm around every bend in this single, and in more ways than one, this element defines the energy of the lyrics and melodic trappings in the music. There aren’t any plasticized components to this track, and by that, I mean every instrumental and production element presented to us is doing something to contribute to the song as a whole. Efficiency is of utmost importance to all three of these players, and if that wasn’t obvious in some of their previous recordings, it’s made all the clearer in this latest release.

Rubin’s lyrical fluidity in this performance is something his peers in the American indie circuit should be jealous of, I can’t say that I’ve heard many other indie songwriters in the rock n’ roll realm who have been able to put down the words to a song with quite the level of panache he has in his last couple of singles. “Cadillac” is perhaps one of the more understated examples you could currently get your hands on online or in a physical format for that matter, but all the same it’s one of the more superb straight-up rock performances I’ve checked out lately.


If you’re as devoted a rock fan as I am, you need to check out what King Falcon is up to with their new single “Cadillac.” Whether you’ve heard their music before now or are just getting acquainted for the very first time, this is an act as true to its identity as they ever have been in this track, which I’m ranking among the most well-rounded to hit the music scene this year among, indie rock offerings.

Gwen Waggoner