D3X Release Video For “Vacations Matter”

High school was a belly-of-the-whale moment for Jordan Adair. Born and raised in Philly, he fell into some juvenile debauchery early on, but it turned out to be the descending quest he needed to rise back up as D3X (pronounced “Dex”). Emerging from his experimental phase, D3X left behind the people and things that held him back but chose to carry the influence of artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, and Kid Cudi out of the cave with him. After spending years releasing songs on Soundcloud, he bucked up and started to place his self-produced tracks on larger streaming platforms, eventually landing his 2021 hit “Wireless” on Spotify’s editorial “Fresh Finds: Hip-Hop” playlist. With an already impressive catalog of transcendent, vibey, mumble-rap tracks under his belt, D3X is poised to release his third full-length album titled I Hate I’m The One this summer.

Off the upcoming album I Hate I’m The One, D3X’s new single “Vacations Matter” is your next lo-fi mood maker. The title is inspired by the morning after D3X’s 21st birthday celebration in Miami, when he realized how hard he’d been working (teaching kindergarten and attending college by day, launching his rap career by night) and how badly he needed the time to cool off. The laid-back ebb-and-flow waves of the beat lay a smooth foundation for D3X to growl out his stream-of-conscious reflections on his recent dreams, relationships, and struggles. Kicked back on the beach, he finally gets time to process all that’s happened in his jam-packed past three years.

Directed by Isaiah Thompson, the music video for “Vacations Matter” cooly communicates the vibes that birthed D3X’s laid-back bop. Shot along the coast of California, D3X strolls the Malibu beaches solo, taking in the sunset’s vibrant colors. The waves seem to roll in time with his bars, letting him know he’s in the right place to go off and cool off before he takes off and returns to the grind of daily life. “Vacations Matter” makes the perfect mini-retreat to listen to while you start planning your next getaway.

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