Best 5 Flavors from Lost Mary Disposables

People prefer purchasing vape majorly for two reasons: one is the experience, and the other is the vast range of flavors. Having a variety of flavors is what attracts vapers to a vape brand. 

Lost Mary is the newest product line launched by the famous vape brand Elf Bar in the market. Their disposable range comes with some amazing and unique flavors to enrich the overall vaping experience.

Currently, two of their ranges are highly popular in the market. So, today, we brought you the best 5 flavors from each disposable model.

5 Best Flavors from Lost Mary Disposables MO5000 Range

MO5000 is one of the best-selling Lost Mary disposables that promises 5000 puffs with 13.5mL of e-liquid. Below are the top 5 flavors from this range.

  • Citrus Sunrise

Just like the name, it promises to bring citrusy freshness. Although the most distinguishable flavor of the variant is the orange tone, you can taste tiny hints of other tropical fruits. 

The best part about this flavor is the icy coolness you can feel at the back of your throat once you draw a puff.

  • Watermelon Cherry

Watermelon and cherry – these two fruity flavors work amazingly well. 

When you first draw a puff, you will feel the subtle sweetness and cool sensation of watermelon. Soon after, you will be able to taste the sweetness of cherries.

  • Pineapple Apple Pear

You will get to feel a blast of tropical fruits the moment you take the first drag of this flavor. You will almost taste the three fruity flavors simultaneously, making you want more. 

The best addition to this vape flavor is the coolness of icy menthol for a perfect and smooth hit.

  • Ginger Beer

Its a completely new and unique flavor. It has the savouriness of ginger and a dash of lemon to give you a zesty yet fresh taste.

The aftertaste has a beer flavor mixed with menthol to give you pure bliss.

  • Cherry Lemon

This e-juice flavor has the freshness of lemon and the sweetness of cherry that will linger on your tongue for a long time, even after you exhale.

Its a must-try if you prefer tart flavors in your vape.

5 Best Flavors from Lost Mary Disposables OS5000 Range

The second disposable vape range from Lost Mary also offers 5000 puffs but with 13mL e-juice. Here are their 5 exquisite flavors.

  • Cranberry Soda

This vape flavor will make you feel like you are having a cranberry soda minus the fizz. The smooth, delicious taste of cranberry takes the cake. 

The throat hit is pretty smooth, and there are hints of cranberry as the aftertaste, too.

  • Strawberry Sundae

This flavor from Lost Mary has the perfect combination of sweet vanilla ice cream, representing a sundae, and a tart, fresh taste of strawberries. 

You will feel the richness of the cream to its full capacity while you puff it.

  • Mad Blue

Mad Blue is a sweet flavor with a mix of raspberry and berry punch. Since both the notes are fruity, you will be able to taste both fruit flavors equally. 

Besides, youll also feel an amazing blast of sweetness without being too much for your palate.

  • Mary Dream

From the scent to the taste, Mary’s Dream is pure bliss. 

Having all berries blended into one flavor, it offers the best kind of sweetness that is just perfect in proportion without feeling artificial.

  • Black Mint

A mysterious name for a unique flavor! It has the prominent taste of blackberries backed by the coolness of menthol, rendering a sweet yet refreshing aftertaste.

If you want to experience this unique flavor, buy best disposable vape online from Lost Marys OS5000 range.


The flavor of a vape determines whether it will be a hit or a miss among the masses. Lost Mary understands this and creates superb flavors for their audience. 

So, try them yourself and experience a flavorful vaping session!