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@skopemag news – monday – april 10, 2023 @ 4 pm est


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Wisconsin’s newest metalcore outfit Vacant Voice Unleash new track, Announce Album

Metalcore act Vacant Voice unleash their brand new track with video – “Detachment” and announce their upcoming album “Cathartic Beauty”.

“Cathartic Beauty” is the freshman effort of Wisconsin’s own Vacant Voice. With 4 years of care put into the writing, recording, and realization of the record, it is a testament of what is to come, and remain, by the midwestern quintet.

Ukrainian psych rock band Risin Sabotage unleash new Track – “Macabre”

The band adds: Every person at least once in his life thinks about his end, and this end is not pampered. Macabre is a track of the same name as the future record that fully conveys our present, and as long as our country has been shrouded in war, every day can be the last. Macabra is a dance of death in which the final is always the same.

[PRESS] Big Loser has the “Logistics”

We’ve made it to another Friday, which means there’s plenty of new music to check out. For anyone itching for a catchy indie-punk tune in their life, it’s time to get familiar with Big Loser. The Austin-based group fronted by Chase Spruiell, have a wonderful recipe for delivering anthemic songs with a touch of snarky, self-deprecating lyrics.

Mother Tongues Announces Debut LP ‘Love in a Vicious Way’ (Wavy Haze Records), Lead Single/Video “A Heart Beating” Out Now

Mother Tongues, the Toronto-based band led by guitarist/vocalist Lukas Cheung and vocalist/bassist Charise Aragoza, today announced their debut album Love In a Vicious Way will be released on July 21st via Wavy Haze Records. Out now, the album’s lush lead single “A Heart Beating” is a goth dream-pop rocker to get lost in, sonically splitting the difference between Alvvays and The Cure.

E.S.P. (Engineered Society Project) Release New EP “MyTV” via Mindsnap Music/Combat Records!

Former Gargantua Soul singer and Woodstock ’99 veteran, Kris Keyes, secures frontman position and takes over all vocal duties for Tim “Ripper” Owens joining the classic style metal band E.S.P. (Engineered Society Project).

“Fix What’s Broken” from GEARS Has Announced Their Next Single/Video

There is something in the flavor of GEARS music that speaks an emotional anecdote of hard rock with a danceable edge. The combination of Trip and Jimmy are incomparably tight-fitting. Together they are the puzzle pieces that mesmerize and latch onto your soul. Trip’s vocals carry a forbidden nuance, add this to his visual talents brought to light in this particular music video, and the voodoo vibes of Miami slip into your rock pleasure. “Fix What’s Broken” hits once again the undeniable sound that GEARS listeners thrive on.

Avant Garde Black Metal Band HENGET Shares New Music Video for “Beyond North Star”

HEIDRA release new video “Cloaks And Daggers”

Good Kid Release “Mimi’s Delivery Service” Music Video / Good Kid 3 EP Out 4/14


Clarke John Releases New Single ‘”Fomo” Written, Recorded, and Produced by Clarke John due out 4.7.23


Evoking the collective’s creative magic once more, “Drop Stop Roll” – a fan favorite that the band has been playing live for the past year – glides along on a glassy clean guitar melody and steady beat on the way towards an instantly chantable chorus. It unfurls with a hypnotic harmony uplifted by psychedelic flourishes and ponderous lyrical poetry, creating a mesmerizing sonic experience.

Millionaire Juan – “Yea Yea Yeah”

[Video] Shaun Hill ft. Kris Sobanski – The Deep prod. by Kris Sobanski

Providence, RI bred artist Meta P, now based out of Florida, returns under the alias Shaun Hill for his new release “The Deep” featuring (former It Lives, It Breathes Guitarist) Kris Sobanski on the production. The hard-hitting rock/hip-hop infused track with 80’s video game elements, dissects the many phases of depression and the path to overcoming it . The visuals depict Shaun literally fighting all of his demons in Rocky-esque fashion and are shot by Levi Desantis. The single is taken from the upcoming album “Dragonfly and The Deep” (Date TBD).

Josiah Mann Shares Debut Indie Pop Album ‘Grace’

Josiah Mann’s new album “Grace” is a concept album in the pop rock/acoustic rock genre, which tells the story of a young love from beginning to end. The album has been in the making for 15 years, and is finally being released alongside a mini-film consisting of 10 music videos that depict the album’s narrative.

New Video: whiterosemoxie’s “Call Me When You Hear This” will give you all the feelings

Ushering in the new wave of hip-hop coming out of Detroit, moxie creates music that resonates with listeners beyond the scope of genre; his versatility and willingness to share his innermost thoughts and unadulterated feelings against the canvas of his imagination make him a contender amongst his motor city contemporaries.

Metal/EDM band THE TONGUE OF EDEN releases new single and music video ‘Reprehensible’

The first single and music video entitled ‘Reprehensible’ showcases their brand of aural offering, while painting a clear picture visually of their conceptual mission. TTOE will continue to release singles in 2023 leading up to release of their first album entitled ‘Fallow’. Listen “Reprehensible”: