@skopemag Review: nxtime Release ‘Renaissance bb’

Some music can be summed up in just one word. This is such music. That word is Groovy, but I’m guessing the discerning reader will want a bit more. So let me elaborate beyond just one word. How about “dead groovy”? More? Okay.

Imagine blending pop, soul, funk, and R&B into new shapes, using timeless building blocks to keep the memory of greats like Sly and The Family Stone, Curtis Mayfield, and even Prince alive while making them sound like fresh, breakthrough artists. This is the sound of nxtime in action.

There is something fresh yet slightly familiar in the music’s easy rhythms, the relaxed nature of the vocals, and something immediate and infectious in the rapped verses and the perky boy/girl interplays that take you back into the choruses. Somehow the music is timeless and, of the moment, a neat trick if you can pull it off. And nxtime certainly does – with ease.


It comes as no surprise to find the hand of Ord Minami in the beats nor that Mike Rogers, who worked with Deee-lite on their biggest hits, is at the engineering help. And if their most famous song told us that groove was indeed in the heart, Renaissance bb reminds us that it is in the soul too!