5 Unbelievable Facts About Guitars

Whether you are a professional guitar player, an amateur enthusiast, or simply love to learn everything you can about music and musical instruments. You have most definitely clicked on the right article!

Here are five fascinating and unbelievable facts about guitars.

1. The Most Expensive Guitar Sold for $2.8 Million

The ‘Reach Out To Asia’ Fender Stratocaster was sold for an incredible 2.8 million dollars during a fundraiser auction for victims and casualties of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean back in 2004.

The primary reason for the incredibly high selling price was the intricate and decidedly unusual decorations on the base. Brian May, Jeff Beck, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, and Mick Jagger were some famous musicians who graced the guitar with their signatures.

2. Custom Aesthetics Are Not Just for Aesthetics

There are now many different websites and high-street music shops that can customize any style, brand, or guitar size to the player’s specifications and desires. You can even buy all the parts separately, build your own guitar, and completely customize it if you know how.

However, far from aesthetic advantages to creating the guitar of your dreams, a customized guitar also provides the following benefits:

  • They often produce a richer sound than mass-produced guitars
  • They are much more comfortable to hold and to play
  • They are significantly more versatile than ‘shopbought’ guitars

3. The First Guitar Came from Ancient Egypt

A famous artist in the history of Ancient Egypt, named Har-Mose, created the world’s very first guitar. Even though such an artifact is significantly different from the guitars of today, it has three strings and includes a plectrum attached to the handle with a horsehair.

If you are ever vacationing in the capital of Egypt, you will be able to see for yourself this incredible piece of history in Cairo’s Archeological Museum.

4. An American Once Married His Guitar

An American man and passionate guitarist named Chris Black was wandering through the streets of East London in the early 1960s when he came across his only love, a Fender Stratocaster who he lovingly named ‘Brenda the Fender’.

To share this passion and love for your next guitar (although maybe avoid becoming betrothed), you should absolutely consider investing in a beautiful and powerful custom Les Paul Guitar from an established and prestigious music store.

5. Dave Browne’s Guitar Marathon

The fifth and final fascinating fact about guitars is in the context of the world record holder for the longest time an electric guitar session lasted for.

In the infamous Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland, Irishman Dave Browne played his favorite electric guitar non-stop at a gig that lasted an incredible one hundred and fourteen hours, six minutes, and thirty seconds.

This amazing feat occurred between the twelfth and the seventeenth of June in 2011. During the gig, Dave Browne played an incredibly impressive one thousand, three hundred and seventy-two songs in total. The final song Dave played was ‘With or Without You’ by the legendary rock band, U2.