SONARPILOT Present “Strange Flowers”

Incoming deep-space transmission…

Vessel ID:

Michael Moppert — electronic musician, digital designer, creative head of mission
Roger Maeder — multimedia expert, computer engineer
Jonny Miller – DJ, mission coordinator

Location: Unknown… constantly changing across multiple dimensions

Congratulations. You’ve discovered a portal to alternate dimensions. Align your course with any track on The Mirage Project, Season 2 to explore breathtaking visual dreamscapes and uncharted territory in sound. Beware: Journeys into The Mirage may cause sudden ecstasy, deepened contemplation, and other psychological effects.

Fare thee well, fellow traveler.

End transmission.

Here it is, the fourth episode in Sonarpilot’s The Mirage Project, Season 2: “Strange Flowers.” The sonic atmosphere introduces itself as a choir of seductive angels over digital Tron-like trills, setting the tone of this latest journey into the wondrous Mirage cosmos. Strings layer in, increasing the magnanimity of our odyssey. Woodwinds and bells remind us of neo-classical composers such as Philip Glass. The arrangement sifts in a sense of innocence and enchantment – our trip turns to awe before winding back towards intense fascination. Sonarpilot says about “Strange Flowers”: “This Mirage explores a world where nature and biomorphic technology are about to converge. Highly advanced machines embrace the beauty of the natural world in an elegant, post-technological dance, somewhere in the distant future. In the end, however, nature will always surpass artificial structures in its ingenuity and beauty.”

In the inseparable video companion to “Strange Flowers” offers a stunning visual interpretation of Moppert’s sonic masterpiece. With his infallible fractal flourishes, Roger Mader provides even the tone-deaf with a sense of synaesthesia, matching colors to the moods of the song and creating structures that reflect the intensity, wonder, and majesty of the music. Adding layers of time-lapsed blooming of flowers, the visual journey juxtaposes the stunning beauty of our natural world with strange mathematical creations of an artificial, alien universe. Don’t just stop to smell the flowers – see them, listen to their tune, and be amazed.

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