Jake Merritt Releases ‘Old Soul’

Jake Merritt has released his new album titled ‘Old Soul’ that reveals a lot about this talented singer/songwriter. Listeners will discover that Jake writes from the heart and that he is very passionate about his craft. One will also pick up on the fact that ‘Old Soul’ is filled with genuine material that Jake Merritt delivers flawlessly.

Jake has deep roots to early American blues music and he also incorporates elements of: soul, rock, folk, country and r&b. ‘Old Soul’ is a direct look into Jake Merritt’s self as not just an artist but also as a person. Jake exhibits that human quality and personal touch that comes across loud & cleat on ‘Old Soul’. This sincere approach to music making will connect with many listeners out there as Jake Merritt unleashes ‘Old Soul’ to the world.

The record kicks off with “Hometown” that has such a proud feeling and smooth style that will resonate with the audience. “Hometown” is an extremely catchy tune and I personally enjoyed the saxophone parts during this song. Make sure you “Don’t Go Too Far” next as an intriguing melody makes direct contact with your eardrums. “Don’t Go Too Far” catches your attention and will make you stop in your tracks as you consume this number. Maybe it’s “Just a Dream” or maybe it’s Jake Merritt supplying musical thoughts that are effortlessly floating through the vast airwaves. Track four, “Take Your Time” has a very bluesy vibe and a slowed-down tempo that will appeal to your senses. Life & times are slowing down a bit on “Take Your Time” as Jake Merritt puts matters into perspective. Get ready to hop in and enjoy “The Ride” where Jake is driving along nicely and taking the listeners down memorable roads. “Let Go Of That Weight” is the following song and what a strong message & delivery here by Jake Merritt. Track seven, “If I’m With You”, paints a clear landscape that centers around the great outdoors and Mother Nature. One will picture his or herself sitting under the stars and just taking in all of the earthy elements while experiencing “If I’m With You”. A draggy rhythm can be heard next on “Time To Move On” where pure truth is revealed. This draggy pace fits the song to a T and gels wonderfully with the lyrics because we’re all just draggin’ along in this life the best we can and sometimes it’s just “Time To Move On”. The record ends on a high note with “The Tide” where a fantastic hook ‘n’ melody comes crashing in with ease. You will be able to wash away your fears & worries when listening to “The Tide”.

I was thoroughly impressed with Jake Merritt’s efforts on his new release, ‘Old Soul’. Jake sings and performs with the utmost sincerity and this certainly comes across to the listeners. As a singer/songwriter and artist, Jake Merritt is the real deal and ‘Old Soul’ is a pure treasure.





By Jimmy Rae