Amanda Holley Presents “Fav Flavor”

With a following of 38.6k on Instagram and a buzz among music industry professionals, R&B and soul singer Amanda Holley is on track to stardom. Of course, she’s been on that track her whole life, performing professionally since she was a child (off- and off-off-Broadway), and there’s no stopping her now. A true musician content to stay on her own independent path, Holley’s posts where she plays the piano get thousands upon thousands of views – and countless comments from fans.

Among her fans are some prominent names: Grammy winner Brian Stanley, The Gorillaz, Temptations songwriter Jimmy George, and Cuba Gooding, who called her “a beautiful young artist with a fantastic voice.” The tour that followed her 2020 debut single “Feenin” took her to Carnegie Hall, a Coachella afterparty, and the United Nations. And not to mention, she had the title track on Showtime’s film Sharon 123 and also starred on a reality show.

But Amanda Holley is not slowing down any time soon. She released “Fav Flavor” in 2022 as the follow-up to hits like “Code” and “Run Away.” The song has already seen quite an exciting reception: fans have loved the track so much that she even released a remix. Since its release, “Fav Flavor” (which was produced by XXXL Freshman Class Producer Korey Laws aka OhKayLaws) has been praised by the likes of Music Arena GH, who called the song “enticing and addictive”; CLOUT, who said it’s “both nostalgic and familiar but with enough cool sonic moments and slick production to make it feel revitalisingly modern”; and Sinusoidal Music, who enjoyed the “passionate and soulful musical love story.”

And what better way to continue the hype around “Fav Flavor” than release an equally compelling music video? Holley co-directed the video with the immensely talented Mikey Piliero. The video opens in a wash of deep pink light, and she’s joined by her girlfriends for some quality hangs. Together, they indulge in candy bars and dip strawberries and bananas in melted chocolate. But paying attention to lines like “the taste of you is my favorite flavor” will make you wonder if the sweets are the only thing Holley and her friends are dreaming about…

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