Tips For Effective Skincare

Zodiac casino NZ can offer exciting games and big winnings, but achieving beautiful skin takes a little more effort than hitting the jackpot. 

It’s almost everyone’s dream to have beautiful skin. We are willing to invest a huge amount of energy, time and money to achieve this dream, visit cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, try various procedures, and buy expensive creams – to achieve the ideal. 

Sometimes it turns out that for our skin to look good, it only takes a few perfectly simple steps.

No tanning

The sun is one of our skin’s greatest enemies. Excessive exposure to UV light causes photoaging, hyperpigmentation, and thinning and drying out of your skin. The sad truth is that damage accumulates slowly, and you can enjoy sunbathing for quite some time before you notice that your skin quality has deteriorated over time: lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and unappealing patches appear. The consequences of excessive sun exposure can be devastating.

Protect your skin from the sun all year round! In summer, in the south and at winter ski resorts, use cream with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 50-60, and in the city – at least 20-30. Remember that you need UV protection both in winter and on a cloudy day.

Pay attention to hygiene

You should cleanse your skin regularly. But we sometimes forget about certain items in constant contact with our skin.

Phone screen

Wipe your phone screen regularly using a special wipe. It’s a proven fact that your phone screen attracts more bacteria than the toilet seat. And if you don’t want it all on your face – and likely to cause skin irritation – make it a habit to keep your phone clean.

Makeup brushes and sponges

All makeup products should be thoroughly cleaned regularly. Brushes and sponges are in constant contact with our skin and can collect sebum, dust, and makeup remnants, which make a breeding ground for germs. So be sure to wash all your brushes with detergent from time to time and dry them thoroughly. Sponges and sponges can also be put in the microwave for a minute after washing to disinfect them further.


Pillowcases are constantly in contact with our faces, and it’s important to remember that pillowcases can accumulate much stuff: the same sebum, dust, and our face creams … Remember to change your pillowcases regularly at least once a week if you have uncomplicated skin, and every three days if your skin has any signs of inflammation. Pillowcases should be made from natural fabrics: cotton, linen and silk.


You’ll often notice that the forehead and cheeks become irritated and inflamed in autumn and winter. This may be due to hats, scarves, and hoods protecting us from the cold. Of course, we don’t suggest walking around with your head uncovered when it’s cold, but make sure you check how often you wash your hats and scarves. Also, pay attention to the hat’s material – some can irritate the skin.

A daily skincare routine should include the following simple steps:

  1. Сleansing

Wash your face with a mild cleanser in the morning and evening. This is a must – in a big city, dust, dirt, grease, and perspiration accumulate on your skin.

Make-up should be removed only some evenings. No make-up should be allowed to go to bed at night because it harms your skin! Make-up should be removed with special products, micellar water or hydrophilic oil.

  1. Tinting

After washing your face, wipe your face with a cotton pad with a tonic. This will allow you to cleanse and nourish your skin. The toner will help remove impurities, unclog pores, and even out skin tone and texture for more effective care. Tone your skin according to your skin type: acidic for oily skin, vitamin or oil-based.

  1. Specialty Care

If you use any serums, lotions and nourishing masks, apply them after the toning stage.

  1. Moisturising

The final stage of your daily skincare routine is moisturizing and nourishing, including plasma pen treatment aftercare.

The right cream, combined with proper aftercare, can do wonders when used regularly, ensuring that your skin is always moisturized, conditioned, and protected.