Naomi Ross is a popular yoga instructor who has inspired many people through her teachings and practice

Her journey to becoming a yoga teacher was gradual, driven by her personal experiences and her love for yoga.

Naomi grew up in a family that emphasized fitness and sports. Her younger brother, Adin Ross, is a well-known gamer and Twitch streamer. As a child, Naomi participated in gymnastics and cheerleeding and had a strong interest in movement and physical activity. She also struggled with anxiety and depression and sought out new forms of self-care and stress relief. 

When Naomi discovered yoga she was 13 as a means of managing her mental health and achieving balance in her life. She was immediately drawn to the practice and began attending classes regularly. As she progressed in her practice, she became interested in the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga and began studying texts like the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras.

Naomi decided to pursue formal training as a yoga teacher and enrolled in a 200-hour teacher training program. The training was an intense and rigorous process that required her to practice and study daily for several months. However, Naomi was passionate about the practice and was determined to deepen her understanding of yoga.

After completing her training, Naomi began teaching classes at local studios and community centers. She quickly gained a following as students were attracted to her nurturing and supportive teaching style. She also provided private sessions, which she tailored to meet each student’s individual needs and goals.

Over time, Naomi’s reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable yoga teacher grew. She started leading workshops and retreats and was invited to teach at conferences and festivals around the world. She also developed a significant social media presence where she shared her insights and teachings with a wider audience.

Today, Naomi is a respected and beloved figure in the yoga community. Her journey towards becoming a yoga teacher was not always easy, but it was fueled by her passion for the practice and her desire to help others. Through her teachings, Naomi continues to motivate and empower individuals to find inner peace, balance, and joy in their lives.