The Best Way To Grow Weed For Beginners

If you’ve decided to grow cannabis at home, you’re not alone. A growing number of people are taking that route now that marijuana laws are less stringent. Of course, most experienced growers are quick to point out that growing a healthy crop isn’t always easy. Though cannabis isn’t an overly fussy plant, it has certain needs. Quite a few hurdles are bound to crop up during the growth process as well. 

Easy Growing Strategies for Beginners

Before anything else, you’ll need high-quality seeds to get started. If you need help finding marijuana seeds, several helpful resources are available. Be sure to get your seeds from a trusted seed bank for optimal quality. From there, consider the following solutions for growing a beautiful cannabis crop without a great deal of struggle and expense. 

Growing Outdoors

Growing cannabis outdoors is typically the easiest and least expensive way to go. After all, the sunlight, moisture, and air the plants need are provided naturally, so you won’t have to worry too much about providing everything yourself. That being said, there’s a limit to the number of plants you can grow. Understand the laws and how they apply to your cannabis gardening ambitions before getting started.

At the same time, growing seasons can vary greatly from one area to the next. Consulting a trusted guide like the Farmer’s Almanac is recommended. It’ll give you the local information you need to plant and harvest a crop at the right times. If local growing seasons are short, you may want to choose autoflowering strains. 

Before planting, you’ll need to prepare a space for growing either by tilling the soil and adding nutrients and water or by clearing a spot for pots. Keep the plants at least six inches apart for optimal airflow. Once the seeds are planted, simply keep an eye on them. Be sure the soil stays moist and the plants remain lush and green. You may need to add extra nutrients during the growth process, but Mother Nature should handle the brunt of the load. 

Growing Indoors

Growing cannabis indoors can be more of a challenge. Several indoor growing strategies are available, but not all of them are simple. For beginners, it may be best to grow the plants in pots using traditional methods instead of setting up a complicated hydroponic system. Choose a room that’s large enough to accommodate the plants you plan to grow without leaving them overcrowded. 

You can start the seeds off in small pots, transferring them to larger ones as the seedlings start to grow. If so, be careful during the transition to avoid damaging their tender root systems. Artificial light will also be essential. Simply placing a few plants near a window won’t suffice.

As the plants grow, you’ll need to pay close attention to the temperature in the grow room, soil moisture levels and pH, and airflow. You may need to open a window and place a few fans in the room for ventilation and temperature control. Consider using digital thermometers and humidity gauges to help with this portion of the plant-care process. 

Growing a Healthy Crop of Cannabis

Many people use complicated growing strategies, expensive equipment, and other measures to cultivate healthy cannabis crops. You don’t necessarily have to go to such lengths, though. The points mentioned above can help you grow a nice cannabis garden either indoors or outside without placing too much stress on you or the plants.