ERICA REED Releases “Building – What Are You Waiting On?”

Erica Reed, the passionate, fired-up soprano, producer, and successful entrepreneur, is lighting up the gospel world with a single that’s climbing the Billboard Gospel chart: “Building, What Are You Waiting On?” on the EDP Entertainment Label.

Written by Reed and produced by legendary producer and composer, Sanchez Harley (Kirk Franklin, Shirley Caesar, and Hezekiah Walker), the powerful traditional gospel ballad with a plea to come to Christ, “Building…,” remained on the charts for over 12 weeks, landing among the nation’s top 20 gospel songs.

When asked what the song means to her, the lady with a Master’s degree from HBCU, LeMoyne-Owen College, a married mother of two sons, and co-owner of three successful restaurants in the St. Louis area said, “We are the building, and without Christ, your life can’t exist.” So, when the song says, “Come on in the building,” it’s not talking about a man-made building; it’s talking about allowing Christ to come into your life. So, if you don’t know Christ, what are you waiting on? “Everything you would ever want or need can be found in Christ.”

‘Building…’ was written and released during the height of the pandemic as Reed’s father battled cancer and she and her husband pivoted to create new ways to service their restaurant customers. When many businesses succumbed to the tough times, Reed’s business and musical career stayed the course to victory.

Managed by music industry veteran and former Senior V.P./General Manager of Verity Records (now RCA Inspiration), Dr. James “Jazzy” Jordan, Reed, who has a finance background, grew up in a musical family that performed gospel in southwest Missouri. Reed remembers, “When I was a little girl, we were my dad’s choir. We would have people lined up listening to us on Saturday as we rehearsed for Sunday service!”

When she left her small Missouri town for college in Memphis, Reed explored other styles of music. “I sang in an R&B group called “Honey and Pearls” when I was in college. I love my gospel ministry, and it is a ministry, but I do believe in having fun. But no matter what, I always circle back to Christ, and that’s where I remain. It’s just a part of who I am,” said the psalmist, who excitedly takes on the big challenge of bringing souls to the Lord.

An independent recording artist since 2004, the petite lady with the big voice is praising God for the success of “Building…” and cherishes Him for the song that paved the way for it too, “Standing At The Gate,” from her 2017 album “TIME”. While both are traditional gospel songs, Reed says her style can’t be put in a box. Evidence of this is the upbeat, danceable “Get Up-Reloaded” from her forthcoming EP. The song also has a fun, summertime dance party themed video available on YouTube.

“I just wanted to have some fun with “Get Up-Reloaded.” Whether it’s a reunion, a church gathering, or a place where you line-dance, people can have fun with this song. I’m giving the people something they can dance to,” said Reed.

As “Building, What Are You Waiting On?” continues to spread Erica Reed’s message of hope and inspiration, she poses a question of faith to the world. Reed is grateful: “I’m very thankful for the song “Building”, and I’m expecting God to do something Amazing… so Big that it’s a blessing to every “body”.