Top highest paying jobs in Calgary: Part 2

We all love to travel to new places, especially when going out of the county since it is a dream of almost every person to travel abroad to see the diversity of cultures, languages, ethnicities, and foremost history. But what if someone wants to go abroad, for a job and have a memorable time at the same time, then it is not a bad idea. You can think about this opportunity. These people are generally career-oriented people and are looking for growth in their careers. This is the main of being creating part 2 of the highest-paying jobs in Calgary. Although Calgary is one of the most stunning and healthy cities in Canada with a population of 1.333 million people who belong to different regions. In this article, I will share the highest paying jobs in Calgary and a few highly asked questions suggested by CalgaryChinese which will be helpful for you.

Why do we need to choose Calgary?

There is not even a single reason not to go to Calgary. This city has a few facts which make it distinct from others. As this is one of the most affordable cities in North America which makes it highly recommendable for students and working professionals who are looking for a location where they could take initiative. So, this country lessens their worry regarding the living cost. There is no tax that you need to pay except the 5% GST. You will have full control over your spending. People who live in Calgary are mostly from other regions and belong to diverse ethnicities. There are almost 125 plus languages spoken in this city which is a huge language count for a city. Now you can imagine the potential and diversity in the community, everywhere around you. You can interact with anybody. By interacting with people, and making social links, you will get to learn their languages and moreover your exposure towards things will be transformed. This is another reason odd choosing Calgary by calgarychinese

Calgary has a great temperature combination which also makes it feasible to opt for. This ranks the city in Canada which gets the most sunlight throughout the whole year. You can also enjoy winters here, all in all, winters are also enjoyable as summers. 

When we talk about a healthy environment, so the age factors also count for the population of the country or the city. The median age of Calgarians is 36 years which shows the quality of health and proactiveness of the population. Whatever your concerns may be, these features are more than enough to convince anybody who doesn’t want to go abroad. 

Is Calgary cheaper than Toronto?

Toronto’s living cost is higher than Calgary’s living cost in terms of housing, grocery and other essential things. It is important to make a firm decision when selecting the city to permanently shift or trip to. 

Do people in Calgary speak English?

This is an interesting question, but surprisingly the reports show us that Punjabi and Tagalog are two widely spoken languages all over Canada. Whereas English speakers have also a huge ratio. Don’t worry if you are not good at English and Tagalog and you are from Asia, particularly from India or Pakistan. You can speak Punjabi for survival over there. Although English is a kind of universal as it is the official language of 57 sovereign countries. You should also work on your spoken English. 

Highest paying jobs in Calgary:

  • Sports coordinator
  • Project manager
  • Investigation assistant
  • Professional photographer
  • IT professionals
  • Real-estate agent

Sports coordinator:

If you are a fitness coach or a gym trainer, this job is for you. In modern schools, they teach their students to become physically active to strengthen their bodies in order to cope with uncertain situations. This job demands your proven certification from an institute and experience of 2 to 3 years in the field. If you fulfil the requirements, you can easily apply for this job in different locations, and organisations even in corporate offices to deliver lectures and much more.

Salary:  An experienced trainer will be able to earn $60,000  a year.