Jane N The Jungle Presents “RAW AS A JEWEL”

The jungle is misunderstood. We imagine that it’s a place of danger – a mysterious, shrouded, and steamy world occupied by wild and untamed beasts. It is all these things. But the jungle is also the wellspring of life. It’s a place to encounter the fundamental — and elemental. Above all, the jungle is a place of constant change and perpetual growth, where everything and everyone is in the process of becoming.

That’s why Jordan White and her bandmates aren’t afraid of the jungle. In their career — one in which they’ve amassed over a million streams and earned support from MTV and respect and airplay from Matt Pinfield — they’ve always pushed themselves to be more than what they are, no matter the risks. During their time together as Jane N’ The Jungle, they’ve polished their sound until it gleams, sharpened their cutting edges, tightened their arrangements, and amplified their intensity. As the calendar turns to 2023, they’ve become one of the fiercest pop-rock groups in Arizona, and as the newest signing to Cleopatra Records, they’re ready to take their music to an international audience.

“Raw As A Jewel,” the Jane N’ The Jungle debut on Cleopatra, is the most focused and ferocious single the band has ever released. It’s one of those great rock tracks where everything fits: the crisp, distorted six-string, the growling bass, the thunderclap snare drum, and Jordan White’s full-throated, passionate vocal all work together to produce a seamless statement of urgency. White’s restlessness is evident — but so is her determination. She’s seizing control of her destiny, asserting full autonomy over her body, going her own way, and letting nothing stop her.

The rest of JNTJ backs up this declaration of independence with all the wattage and muscle they can muster. In the frenetic clip for “Raw As A Jewel,” the members of the group are a near-blur behind Jordan White, strumming and thrashing, demonstrating why they’ve earned a reputation for fearsome live performances. White stalks the soundstage, addressing the camera with the combination of vulnerability, swagger, and raw charisma that fans of the Jungle have come to know well. Throughout the clip, the frames are perturbed by digital distortions: washes of color, sudden accelerations, shimmering screens within screens, twisting shadows, and dancing reflections. It’s all indicative of a group ready to transcend all limitations and keep on growing.

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