12 Million Views and Counting: Trending Tokyo Montana and Noel5ive (2023 Rolling Loud)

The secret is out! Noel5ive and Tokyo Montana are taking the stage in another city shortly after going viral on Instagram reaching over 12 Million Views collectively in just a few months of posting on social media sites. Using tactics such as Instagram reels and fan engagements, they have quickly got ahead of the curve and are starting to experience the true meaning of being a star!

Coming out of Atlanta, GA, these two have already solidified their star status.

Having the most active fan base right now in the underground scene, Tokyo Montana and Noel5ive have already started touring the states and have been introduced to the international scene as well. Their shows are sold out and the crowds are loving it. On a recent Instagram post, you can hear the crowd initiating encores so they don’t leave the stage!

This all started with freestyle videos that literally broke the internet! With such great responses from people around the world, they soon decided it was time to make a song that would have a positive impact and influence on the genre of music they are tuned into. This led to their first simultaneous release on major platforms with the songs “Hold Up” and “Elon.”

Take a listen to “Hold Up”:


Also, be sure to check out “Elon”:


Currently these tracks have honored in half a million streams alone just within these past few weeks. The remainder of their catalogue, videos and online content amount to over a dozen million views and counting – which is extremely impressive.

With majority of their streams coming from their catalog directly along with playlists both listener and algorithmic, their organic growth is major and worth paying attention to as we believe they are the next big wave following the public break of artists including Yeat, Jeleeel!, BKTheRula, KanKan and SoFaygo. Tokyo Montana and Noel5ive have already been invited to Rolling Loud 2023 (date TBA.)

Outside of Youtube and Spotify, their Instagram accounts are growing fast.

The engagement rate alongside their playlisting rate is rather impressive and sheds positive light on artists who are dedicated to creating content specifically for their audiences and fan base. Although they weren’t willing to share any details regarding major labels and investors, we foresee them breaking the charts soon!