How to Avoid Blowing Out Your Powered Speakers

Don’t you love using speakers to listen to music or watch movies? They make the sound more exciting and boost our experiences, primarily if we use good quality powered speakers.

When we want to know more about powered speakers, we must research. Even though the device is a simple plug-and-play, knowing how we could maintain the sound quality is critical, as well as the device’s technical specifications.

One common problem for speakers is that they blow out over time. But did you know that you could make some adjustments to avoid it and keep your speakers healthy? This article will cover them all for you.

Check the Volume

Most speaker failures occur when the cone exceeds the amount of sound they are designed to.

For instance, in active speakers, you probably won’t use an equalizer or mixer and play the music from your player as is. However, it could force the speakers to perform more, especially when the song’s volume is higher than expected.

Some songs on your devices are probably issued or released with enhanced settings. Although most speakers can handle all types of songs, others are forced to perform more.

The best solution is to adjust the volume depending on the music’s volume. Some music players have presets that stabilize the entire playlist’s volume.

You may also want to check for some gritty sounds when adjusting the volume. This could have various reasons, such as wires splitting and insects living inside the speakers.

Adjusting the volume is also helpful in avoiding hearing loss.

Use Your Player’s Equalizer

The beauty of using powered speakers is that you no longer need to take care of a tedious setup. Instead, you need to plug your device in and play your music.

On the other hand, having an equalizer at home would be better as it allows you to control the song’s settings.

For instance, if you want to adjust the bass, you’d be able to. If you prefer a more classic rock and roll sound, you can tweak some knobs or change some elements, and you’ll have the best experience.

As mentioned, you don’t need an equalizer. The best thing about music players nowadays is that they have their equalizers. Although digital, it is enough to produce the sound we want to hear.

Another cool thing about it is that you don’t need to worry about figuring it out because most of them have presets, but if you prefer a custom one, it’s also possible.

Adjusting the equalizer gives you more control over your speakers. This means you can adjust the bass or treble, which can damage your speakers if they’re set too high.

We recommend using a subwoofer if you want more bass because it can handle bass sounds more efficiently.

Check Your Speakers’ Health

Like other devices, our powered speakers need extra care, especially in their bodies. When we place the speakers in certain areas, it’s best to check them regularly and see if there is any dust or signs of chipping.

Although these things may not blow your speakers out immediately, they could worsen the situation.

For instance, when there is dust all over your speakers, it could go through the net and block the vibrations. The sound will be heavier inside and will damage the speakers internally.

You must also check moisture, as most speakers’ bodies are wood. We all know that wood is weak against water. If there’s liquid, the body could break.

It’ll start with cracks and become more extensive, making the sound unbalanced. The best thing to do is to clean it regularly and use a microfiber cloth to wipe the dust away.

Quality Matters

The sound quality of your speakers is not just about the settings. The speakers themselves can affect their performance.

No matter how much your speaker gets or how loud it can produce sound, you’ll buy another pair sooner than expected if it’s made cheaply. Generally, the value matters as well. It’s common for speakers to be more expensive, but it is built to last long.

On the other hand, some powered speakers are still not well-known but give us promising results.

Low-quality speakers can generate a lot of heat internally. This damage the internal components, blowing the speakers out. The most common sign is the sound it produces becomes distorted when the volume is set to high.

However, if you purchase good-quality speakers, you get the best value as you can enjoy music that’ll last long.

Care For Your Speakers

Unfortunately, we can’t avoid blowing out our speakers as they will not last forever. On the other hand, we can take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening soon. For instance, we can buy better quality powered speakers, utilize our player’s equalizer, clean the speaker regularly, and always adjust the volume.