Pure Order Presents “Sons Of Belial”

When it comes to the art of lyricism unadulterated by the mainstream or what is considered normal to anyone else, the Pure Order duo from Oxnard, California, is at the pinnacle of strikingly unique hip-hop music. Always keeping their eyes and ears open toward what’s going on in the world around them, God’s Gift and Nemesis take advantage of their combined musical talents to connect with their fellow human brothers and sisters and address what they see in the current social landscape. However, they are not political about it; they simply aim to incorporate love and innovation into all their projects to keep the culture moving forward. Giving a voice to the voiceless with their music video debut for the latest single, “Sons of Belial,” Pure Order flexes their rooted background as poets and MCs while teaching audiences a lesson through their sharp, salient words and danceable beats.

The walking dead are among us, and you might be part of them. The whole point of “Sons of Belial” is to wake people up, opening their eyes to make them see and think more clearly for themselves rather than blindly accepting what is fed to us by the media and our ever-influential digital technology available at our fingertips. The backing instrumental of the song, produced by fellow Oxnard creative Oh No, has a complexity beyond what is in a usual trap track. When Nemesis’s voice enters, her word placement within the instrumental mysteriously flows on and around the dominating hits in an intriguing, ear-pleasing way. She also introduces an eerie, haunting melodic element within that first round of the chorus that repeats throughout. In every verse, Nemesis and God’s Gift each spit fire bars, calling things as they are and digging deep into what is under the surface level. Ultimately, “Sons of Belial” is the first step in Pure Order’s agenda to restore human interaction and original and individual thought through their music.

The theme of not wanting to follow along with the crowd is best indicated through the related imagery of society’s hypnotized inhabitants. Additionally, an array of visual clips highlight real issues about greed and gun violence still rampant in the world at large. Behind Pure Order’s performance, the keywords overarching their song’s message are truth and choice. The main takeaway is no matter who you are, once you know the truth of the matter, you can make a choice about it, which is pure empowerment. Pure Order encourages everyone to use the truth to make a choice because that is your power move to bring the human experience back.

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