Gungor – I Forgive You (feat. Isa Ma)

Adding to his already quite impressive catalog of albums and singles, Gungor has released the highly anticipated single I Forgive You. A collaborative effort featuring the elegant and sophisticated soprano vocals of Isa Ma. I Forgive You is a sleek offering as the softness and delicacy of the call and response style verses calmly and effortlessly carry the central theme of the subject matter forward. “Oh, why does the ground, Keep pulling us down, down, down? I forgive you; Please forgive me.” The articulate use of metaphor creates an imagery of the weight of the guilt on the presenter asking for forgiveness as he seeks forgiveness from within. 

The lyrics play on this theme throughout the track, making the audience ask who is seeking this elusive forgiveness. “Oh, why does it hurt, As bad as it does, To lose what we have, 

To have what we love.” The repeated melody of “Letting it go, Letting it go now, Now, I forgive you, Please forgive me” challenges the listener. Both singers trading lines and offering the equation’s counterbalance illustrate that forgiveness is a two-way condition for the relationship to be successful. What captivates the performance is the fragile and graceful way Gungor balances his baritone vocals with Isa Ma’s higher register. This exchange of frequencies throughout the crescendo, coupled with the funk-like groove, is pulled off with precision and magnificence.

From a production standpoint, I Forgive You is highly polished and very well-executed. That tasty snare hits perfectly over the underlying vocals giving a snap to the soft lyrical passages, the bass sits very well in the pocket driving the groove, and the overall timbre maintains a crisp dynamic that appeals to any listening environment. I Forgive You is a delightful track, well suited for any pop-friendly playlist. Commercial success can be found in any Urban, Pop, Soft Rock, or RnB style radio format. The infectious melodies and the harmonious vocals make I Forgive You highly replayable and offer a sing-along value, which is key to tracks such as these hitting mainstream markets. As an already highly accomplished musician, artist, and performer Gungor should see his remarkable stream numbers hit new highs. As for Isa Ma, I Forgive You is a pleasant and excellent way for new listeners to explore and consume the wonderful artistic pieces available. 

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