Trade Capitol Review – A Broader Selection of Asset Classes

Trade Capitol is an integrated investment platform that offers robust trading instruments and resources for all types of investors.


Trade Capitol mainly began as a professional level trading platform, targeting advanced active traders. However, the broker has increasingly innovated its investment products, trading platforms, and other policies to appeal to different types of investors. Trade Capitol now boasts an integrated platform with broad offerings for beginners, casual investors, and active traders. However, it isn’t without a few potential constraints. 


  • Robust investment products 
  • Superior trade execution 
  • Extensive educational materials 
  • Excellent customer service 


  • Limited customizability 
  • Trade Capitol ‘s services are not global 

Trade Capitol’s Top Benefits 

Undoubtedly, Trade Capitol offers numerous perks to attract retail traders and institutional investors. The following are the main perks guaranteed to all Trade Capitol ‘s clients. 

Robust investment products 

Trade Capitol is one of the leading multi-asset brokers today, distinguished by a long breadth of asset classes and fixed income products. The broker emphasizes robust investment products to meet the needs of different types of investors. Trade Capitol is an excellent place for beginners seeking exposure to online investing and seasoned investors who demand more flexibility. 

Superior trade execution 

Trade Capitol leverages an intelligent order routing technology across its platforms, allowing clients to execute trades quickly and at the most low-cost market centers. 

Rich educational offerings 

Trade Capitol recognizes online trading as a relative infant frontier, with several unforeseen risks to investors and traders. Thus, the broker also provides extensive educational resources to guide beginners and seasoned investors in making informed financial decisions. 

Excellent customer service 

Trade Capitol also emphasizes round-the-clock customer support, ensuring the seamless navigation of their platforms and improving the overall user experience. They have a dedicated phone line, email address, and live chat that you can use to get assistance 24/7. 

Trading Platforms

Trade Capitol ‘s clients have three trading platforms to use to access the broker’s services. Creating an account, entering, executing, and monitoring trades is straightforward and quick on Trade Capitol ‘s desktop, web, and mobile platforms. The broker has streamlined the venues with nearly similar functions and features. 

Trade Capitol ‘s trading platforms feature a proprietary order routing technology that constantly tracks assets’ price movements across multiple global market centers. The software is automated to execute trades quickly and at the best market prices, ensuring greater efficiency. 

While the trading platforms offer various pre-built and customizable tools, customizability is a bit limited. Nevertheless, you can still access robust tools and amenities that simplify the trading experience. The typical trading resources accessible on all Trade Capitol ‘s platforms include screeners, portfolio analysis, charts, calculators, watchlists, research, and news. 

Trade Capitol also supports placing multiple order types and staging trades for later execution. However, conditional orders and other advanced tools are only accessible on the Trade Capitol’s desktop version. The mobile and web platforms are the most suitable for beginners and casual investors. 

Range of Offerings 

Trade Capitol ‘s a broader selection of investment products is one of the key attributes that give it an edge over most brokers. It focused on delivering robust asset classes and fixed income products that will allow every investor the flexibility to pursue their preferred investment strategies. Trade Capitol ‘s extensive portfolio caters to the unique demands of individual retail traders and institutional investors. Here are the tradable products on Trade Capitol

Stocks  Crypto Forex Options Futures 
Bonds  Mutual Funds Commodities  ETFs  CFDs

The broker continually adds new items to its portfolio based on customer demand. Their product offerings comprise a breadth of standard asset classes and other innovative instruments for domestic and foreign investors. That makes Trade Capitol an excellent platform for beginner investors and passive and active traders who need access to a wide range of investment products.

Fees and Commissions 

Trade Capitol has no account minimums, checking fees, inactivity fees, and commissions on stock trades. Other transactions and orders attract different fees and margin interest rates. While Trade Capitol’s pricing policy is a bit complex, the broker has competitive spreads within the industry average.


Client education is also at the heart of Trade Capitol’s trading practices. The broker provides rich educational content that covers various online trading topics essential to success. The resources are readily available to all clients in diverse formats, including videos, articles, and webinars. Trade Capitol also offers cutting-edge analysis tools, calculators, data streams, and research to boost the customers’ education and experience.

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