When was the last time you heard an album by a new artist … and loved every track?

19-year-old Ashley Suppa delivered a self-titled EP that generated across-the-board positive response.

In the tradition of Adele, Sia, Camila Cabello, Halsey, Lorde and Madonna, Suppa immediately joined that unique group: writing and performing her own music.

In addition, she’s also a member of the all-femme group Plush that just completed a tour with Alice In Chains, Breaking Benjamin and Bush.

With an industry showcase coming up next month at NYC’s Cutting Room, we sat for an exclusive interview with her:

Q: The EP is just fantastic; how does all the positive and supportive feedback you’ve gotten make you feel?

A: Thank you! It is a sort of positivity that I feel so grateful to be able to experience. When you release a new project, you never quite know what the reaction will be. A record is not only yours after a release; it is everyone’s to make their own. I am very pleased that the EP has been so well-received and I am so happy to see that people are relating to and enjoying these songs.

Q: You just completed a tour with your other endeavor Plush. Tell us how that came about? And about Alice In Chains and Bush … what’s it’s been like touring with them?

A: Moriah Formica and I had been playing music together for some time when the idea of an all-girl rock band became a plan that was set into action. We were very fortunate to have the support of Lzzy Hale from Halestorm who had reposted an ad on social media searching for a female guitar player. This led us to our guitarist Bella Perron. Drummer Faith Powell is the latest member of Plush, who we are all ecstatic to have as a part of the band!

Being on the road with Alice In Chains, Breaking Benjamin and Bush has been the most incredible experience. We’ve had such a blast playing these amazing venues with this lineup. They each put on an extraordinary show. It is impossible not to feel the genuine love and respect that everyone has for one another on this tour. There is a great deal of positivity, great music, and great people. It has truly been the best tour.

Q: We’ve also just been informed that there will be a special showcase at NYC’s The Cutting Room next month? Tell us about that.

A: I’m very excited to be performing songs from my EP live at The Cutting Room in New York City on November 14th. It is an honor to be performing at a venue in New York that has hosted so many legendary artists. Tickets are available on my website

Q: I’m sure everyone has their favorite off the EP, but we love “King,” Trouble” and “Move.” Give us the backstory on each of those.

A: I wrote “King” about the disconnect from reality that technology has created. Social media has put this immense amount of pressure on our society that is impossible to achieve. We succumb to this and enjoy the things that hurt us most, because in a twisted way it serves as validation.

“Trouble” is about giving your all to somebody who will never reciprocate it. It is easy to look past toxicity when you are so far deep and the beauty is all that you allow yourself to see. When you become separate from a situation, you begin to see things for how they truly are.

“Move!” is about a feeling of freedom induced by music. Music is what has always kept me grounded and allowed me to reflect on my life with a clear mind. When I wrote “Move!” I wanted it to be a song that everyone could connect to because I feel that music has the power to move people in so many different ways.

Q: Having a father that was so supportive, not to mention a player must be great. Tell us about that dynamic.

A: My dad has always been a massive inspiration to me. My dad is a guitarist who has played with musicians like Ace Frehley, Mike Starr from Alice in Chains, and more. Growing up, he played a variety of music in our home which introduced me to what are some of my favorite artists today. He would also bring me along to concerts with him, which served as a great representation of the culture of being a musician to my younger self. When I started touring, looking back on these experiences helped me have to have a much greater understanding of what I was getting into. It was deeply inspiring to be around my dad during such a formative time in my life.

Q: From what we’ve seen, your fashion sense is terrific. Where do you like to shop the most?

A: I particularly like to shop at vintage clothing stores. I am very inspired by 70’s fashion and adore the glam rock look seen on artists such as David Bowie. Similarly, to songwriting, I believe that fashion is an ultimate means of self-expression.

Q: When can listeners expect a new record?

A: I am starting the recording process this November for my next record with Grammy Nominated producer Alex Salzman, which I am hoping will be released in 2023. I am always writing new material, so I am extremely excited for listeners to hear what I have been working on in the time since the release of my debut record.

Q: What are you listening too right now? What’s on your playlist?

A: I’ve been listening to The 1975’s latest album Being Funny In A Foreign Language on repeat! I think that it is an absolutely brilliant album, especially in a lyrical sense.

On my current playlist, you will also find songs from The Marías, the latest Harry Styles record, The Cure and Alice In Chains.

Q: Female artists have always presented us something special, whether its Joan Jett or Debbie Harry. I think you have that special gift. Tell us your motto for keeping things real?

A: I keep things real by having fun with it! Happiness is essential. Work on the things that you have most passion for because love is the greatest driving force. Everything will work out the way that it is meant to.

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photo by: (Photo: Christina Turino, for Ashley Suppa)