Avigayil’s latest release “Many Times” – A story about familiar strangers

Avigayil is an Israeli based Singer-Songwriter who is planning on making a difference in the music industry. Refusing to write love songs, because she believes there is so much more to write about. She is determined to write lyrics that make you think and even question everything you know. And that is no exception for this latest release Many Times.

Keeping it unique with her Pop; Singer-Songwriter vibe, for this new release Avigayil is bringing a new sound that hasn’t been heard from her yet. She sings about strangers living parallel lives, but they never meet to find that out. Avigayil and her co writer Adi Felsen on this release, were intrigued with the idea that maybe someone just around the corner has the same habits, the same hopes and fears, maybe even shares the same dreams as us. But you never come face to face to be able to share that with each other.


Compared to Avigayil’s past releases this is a more upbeat and hopeful song. The producer Adi Felsen has done an incredible job at bringing that feeling to life. With the piano line in the verses and the drum pattern in the chorus the song really comes to a peak at the bridge. Which if you don’t know, is always Avigayil’s favorite part. When she sings “But if there is a chance we’d ever meet, that would be sweet” you can’t help but smile at the hopefulness in her voice.So if you need a song to vibe to in the car, while daydreaming about the world around you – this is your song.