Two ways to locate a friend’s iPhone without them knowing

Find out how to locate a friend’s iPhone without them knowing.

Two ways to locate a friend’s iPhone without them knowing

Have you ever wondered what someone is doing or where they are going when they don’t let you know? Have you ever found yourself wondering why your spouse comes home from work so late or why your kids come home from school so late? These are common concerns that most people encounter at least once in their lives. However, instead of just sitting on your doubts, you should do something about it.

Below are two different methods on how to locate someone without them knowing. You don’t have to wonder anymore, you can finally know exactly what is going on.

You can track another person’s phone using mSpy. You will be able to see the exact location of the cell phone. mSpy uses GPS to provide current information on where the person is. You can set up a geo-fence feature. It will send you alerts when a person leaves the specified area. This is an effective way to protect your loved ones.

Locate a cell phone with mSpy How to track someone’s cell phone?

Considering the supported features and installation process, is a very recommendable solution to track a cell phone. is a simple and reliable web monitoring solution for tracking a cell phone. After installing it on the target phone, it can run in stealth mode so that the owner does not know about it.

Why should I use

It is untraceable. Once installed and activated on the target phone, no icon or trace will be left.

It has a very diverse set of features, such as GPS tracking, message recording, browser history viewing, call monitoring, social app spying, screen capture, etc.

How to track someone’s cell phone via

So, how to track a cell phone? It is easy to use spybubble to track an iPhone. There are some steps to follow:

 Install the phone tracking app and also make the necessary settings on the target iPhone. The download link of the phone tracking application and detailed configuration instructions are placed on the configuration page that appears after registration. After installation, the application icon will be automatically removed.

Log in to the control panel and view the monitored data. You can access the control panel on any of your devices, including computers, smartphones or tablets. But make sure you have access to an Internet connection.

How to secretly track someone’s iPhone?

If you want to track a friend’s iPhone without them knowing how to use a legitimate Apple app, you can use the “Find my friends” app. It is intended to share your location with all your friends so that you can be connected to a festival or a shopping mall. The app relies on mutual consent from both parties, meaning that you have to share your location with another person in order to track their cell phone.

However, if you have access to their iPhone for a minute or so, you can activate your location and send an invitation to your phone. This is completely undetectable, the person wouldn’t even get a notification that they are being tracked.

How to secretly track someone’s iPhone using “Find My Friends”:

Step 1: “Share My Location” must be enabled.

Access the “Find My Friends” app from their iPhone. Scroll down and tap on the contact image at the bottom of the screen. Then, activate the “Share My Location” option.

Step 2: Share your location with yourself.

First, you need to make yourself available to “Everyone” on your own iPhone.

Then, using your iPhone, tap on “Add.”

Tap your contact image, and finally tap “Share Indefinitely.”

So now you have full access to their phone for as long as you want!

Step 3: Accept their location.

In your iPhone, you will receive a message that they’re trying to share their location with you. Accept it.

Then you will be asked if you want to share your own location. Select “Do not share.”

Step 4: Track their cell phone without them knowing.

You will get real-time updates on where they are and where they have been. You can set up certain locations so that you will be notified if they enter or leave those locations.