Don Kilam Wraps Up Nationwide Tour With Expected Sold-Out Private Event in Orlando On New Years Eve

Million Dollars Worth Of Game is what recent Don Kilam supporters are saying is what he actually hands out and not just his Best Selling Book titled “Million Dollars Worth of Game” Don Kilam is set to hold a sold-out show in Orlando, Florida (Dec. 31) — and his supporters   perfectly executed the intricacies of establishing a perfectly hand crafted event.

Don Kilam is one of the hardest entrepreneur & motivated men with his very own crafted area of expertise. Landing Don Kilam with very high profile credible names as part of his following. Most notable collab with Fresco Kane this year. During his tour across the States, the single is making great noise with demanding appearances for the entrepreneur Don Kilam.

Don Kilam’s Private seminars are established for his University Students at Don Kilam University (DKU). Donkilam.Com at DKU has hosted Trustee Training Seminars for over 7 years and The annual Million Dollars Worth Of Game Seminar for 3 years (titled after Don Kilam’s best selling book “Million Dollars Worth Of Game”

The 3rd Annual Million Dollars Worth Of Game Event is to take place on New Years Eve this year in Orlando and last 3 days! It is being organized by private members of Don Kilam. Every year Don Kilam list his key essentials that every millionaire should know in order to succeed. Every year Don Kilam invites special celebrity guest as he has gained more exposure and has a network of millionaires and celebrities.

To learn more about how you can attend this year’s Million Dollars Worth Of Game with Don Kilam be sure to goto DonKilam.Com to become a private member.

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