3 Tips Before Buying Elf Bar Disposable Vape

Vape devices come in various forms and sizes. Be it disposable box mods or vape pens; all are well-liked. But with this comes a multitude of options. These may often leave you in a fix as to which one to choose. 

Most vapers kickstart their journey without fully knowing how the vape device works. It can be potentially harmful. 

Vapes like the ElfBar 5000 puffs come with advanced features you need to be familiar with before buying. This way, you can enjoy the device to the fullest.

Tips on choosing your next Elf Bar vape

From how to use the device to maintenance, you must be aware of the various aspects to ensure that your Elf Bar disposable lasts long and gives the best hits.

So, below are the top 3 tips to bear in mind before buying your next vape from Elf Bar.

  1. Know your vape 

The first thing every vape newbie looks up is information on the type of vape device to go for. The numerous products may seem confusing.

To start with, here are the types of disposables offered by Elf Bar

a. Vape Pens

These are basic devices that usually kickstart a persons vaping journey. Thick and pen-shaped, these devices are cylindrical, which offers a good grip.

Vape pens are mainly of 2 types – rechargeable and disposable. While the former can be recharged and reused, the latter can be discarded when the e-juice is exhausted. These can either be button-based or draw-based activation.

Elf Bar offers both types of vape pens. So, depending on your preference and usage terms, you can choose a suitable one.

b. Pod Systems

Also called a pod vape, these are a compromise between vape mods and vape pens. These are extremely portable, which is an enticing feature.

These devices contain pods that hold a coil, wick, and e-juice. The nicotine content is often higher, offering concentrated, hard-hitting puffs. 

Coupled with varying battery life, these devices from Elf Bar offer enhanced durability. 

c. Vape Mods

These are the most potent vape devices. They are box-shaped, holding multiple high-capacity batteries. 

Vape mods offer exhilarating direct-to-lung hits. It is due to the high-power delivery and noteworthy wattage range. 

You can also personalize your Elf Bar disposable vape mod by deciding the temperature limits and power curves.

2. Look into the device features

Elf Bar vapes come with various features. Some of them you should know about are as follows.

a. Battery Life

Most of the vapes Elf Bar offers are rechargeable, which is why their battery life matters. They come with a battery life of 650 mAh to 2000 mAh and even more.

b. Puff Count

Puff count refers to the number of hits your device allows. Primitive devices offering 200 puffs to advanced devices offering over 5000 puffs can easily be found in Elf Bar.

c. Flavors

It is the most invigorating part of using vapes. You can choose from a wide range of Elf Bar flavors, be it fruity, sour, tangy, or minty. You can try out a blend of these too.

d. e-juice

The e-juice or e-liquid offered by this brand contains various chemicals, flavors, and nicotine. It vaporizes and eventually leads to a sapid hit.

3. Take care of the device and dispose of it carefully

After the purchase comes maintenance. 

Whether Elf Bar disposables or any other brands products, vapes must always be stored in cool and dry areas, away from direct sunlight. The room temperature is ideal for their storage, as it prevents the e-juice from getting oxidized.

However, when it comes to disposing of the device, be responsible. Do not throw it away with your regular trash. Dispose of it with other e-waste or deposit it in a hazardous waste facility.


The Elf Bar brand has a spectacular range of vaping devices with characteristics that will compel you to experiment with them. In addition, the aforesaid basic tips on how to choose your disposable vape will help you make informed decisions.

So, go ahead and have a thrilling vaping experience!