Single Review: Tia McGraff – ‘With Love’

From her latest EP, With Love, Tia McGraff has released the title track to much anticipation and delight. This acoustic, country-inspired songwriter’s journey is a wonderful, harmonious experience that will be quick to garner interest in many industry investors. With the blend of a simple banjo pedal tone, an expressive guitar melody, and a deep-rooted funk driving the groove, Tia McGraff utilizes her mezzo-soprano to fill the listening space with glorious overtones and vibrato. Based around the metaphorical theme of losing her pet dog, With Love is a vast exploration of how remembrance and honor for those we have lost carry us forward, the love we share makes us better and we are thankful for these connections. It is this wholesome and mature approach Tia McGraff brings to this project that makes this track inspiring and catchy. The way she utilizes her upper register to deliver the main hook, and the addition of a counter vocal to fill out the melody in the bridge section bring life to With Love.

The production on With Love is very professional and well-executed. Those pedal tones coupled with the bottom end are clearly defined and give this single release elicits a dance-along reaction in her audience. The overtones from the guitar are blended superfluously, each frequency rings out crisp and clear. I believe this track could be a hit single on any Country, Adult Contemporary, Middle-Of-The-Road, or Soft Rock commercial radio format. The performance on With Love would inspire audiences to fill auditoriums to witness this presentation in a recital atmosphere. A very enjoyable track, and as the lead single and track from the With Love EP, Tia McGraff sets up a magnificent and elegant experience for the rest of the album. We can only hope more singles like this are to follow from this EP.