Jazz From The Valley Video “Shake That”

Jazz From The Valley is rebranding the “valley girl” subculture into a lifestyle of pure dedication and hustle while still approaching life with an optimistic outlook. Fully immersed in the music scene from an early age, she moved around between girl groups as a singer and rapper but knew her talents would shine the brightest as a solo act. She picked up the stage name Jazz From The Valley to pay homage to her roots in the San Fernando Valley and started writing infectious pop/hip-hop hits that showcased her fiery nature. Her style is a blend of modern favorites – including snappy flows like Megan Thee Stallion, the artistic vision of Teyana Taylor, and the bubbly melodies of Gwen Stefani – while still bringing something fresh and unique to the scene. Jazz From The Valley is a truly mesmerizing act to follow as she continues to grow her discography and master her creative craft.

Jazz From The Valley makes it known that the valley is all about the classy lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun! “Shake That” is all about letting loose with your homegirls and enjoying good company. The bouncy beat and spitfire rap bars keep the energy high to get listeners to the dance floors, making it a party-starting hit. Inspired by early 2000s music videos but with a raunchier twist, “Shake That” has the artist cruising around town with her girls, hanging by the phone gossiping and running a sexy carwash. It’s playful and captures the essence of the song… to “Shake That”! Take a dip into Jazz From The Valley’s exceptional lyricism and artistic creativity with this club banger.

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