Xavier Toscano Presents “Castles In The Sky”

Xavier Toscano offers a majestic buildup with the pop classical fusion of “Castles In The Sky”. A nice little throwback to the classic trance-pop hit from the 90s, this one too radiates a tremendous amount of emotion. The piece retains a degree of lightness throughout the entirety of the journey. By ensuring that the melody’s richness gets constantly reshaped by the evolution of the groove there is a loveliness that befalls the entirety of the journey. He does bring the listener along as he explores the innermost workings of his mind, thoughts of desire, yearning, and hope that glide on up all the way into the very sky.

A hushed reverence starts things up, as the piano has an understated quality. For a while it is simply the piano and his voice carrying the whole of the experience. Patience is of the utmost importance however the song’s strength rests with this deliberate pacing. Indeed, he employs a chamber pop aspect to the entire thing for there is that grace to it. Over the course of the work the strings do eventually enter into the fray, becoming ever more present amongst the rest of the sound. By ensuring all of this is done with such dignity, it helps to accentuate the sheer strength of his words leading to a wonderful finale where the song absolutely bursts with energy.

“Castles In The Sky” shows off Xavier Toscano’s uncanny ability to deliver pure poetry straight from the very heart.