TOP 10 memorable and unique housewarming gifts

If your friends or relatives have moved into a new house and invited you to a housewarming party, you will need to get them a special gift. Moreover, it should be not only interesting, but also memorable. The gift must be carefully chosen. You can’t come empty-handed, so you have to make a good present. It can be difficult to decide what to choose for a housewarming party. So here is a list of gift ideas for you that can be considered original, memorable, and interesting.

What to choose for a housewarming party?

There are a huge number of presents which are suitable for a housewarming party. We advise you to buy original gifts that can not only please your friends, but also surprise them. We do not recommend you to choose ordinary presents, as they may not trigger positive emotions in people. If you get a good gift, it will delight the hosts on a beautiful day.

TOP 10 unusual housewarming gifts:

1. Bean bag chairs. They are so comfortable to sit in and to read a book, watch series or movies, or play video games with your loved ones.

2. Multifunctional desktop aquarium. It could be home for a small fish. The fish tank is USB rechargeable.

3. Shower head. Original versions of it have a backlight that changes colors depending on the temperature of the water.

4. Heated slippers. This is an extraordinary housewarming gift. These slippers are USB rechargeable.

5. Bed tray table. This gift is perfect for a couple and ideal for serving breakfast in bed.

6. Home weather station. This compact device will allow you to monitor the weather forecast. It collects information on the temperature and humidity of the air. The weather station also shows wind speed and atmospheric pressure.

7. Toilet time golf game. Such a gift is ideal only for those friends who have a good sense of humor.

8. Instant camera. The device can take photos and print them immediately.

9. PopArtYou Portrait. The painting can be ordered at All portraits are made with Photoshop and then printed on canvas. The picture is not painted. Such a portrait will be the most unusual and interesting housewarming gift.

10. Gift card. It can be a furniture or houseware gift card. Your friends will be able to choose the right thing for themselves in the store.

Choosing a gift for a housewarming party is quite easy if your present is heartfelt. You must be driven by a desire to please the hosts. You should not give money as it is not part of housewarming traditions.

Tips on what to give for a housewarming party

In order to choose a perfect gift, you need to follow certain tips. It is necessary to give only new things that other people have not used. Your housewarming gift can only be something that will please all family members. While choosing a gift, you should take into account the hobbies and tastes of the hosts. Some funny presents can be made for young people with a good sense of humor.