10 Professional Home Cleaning Hacks

When it comes to cleaning your house, there is something like “working harder” and “working smarter.” Working smarter would help you achieve more with less time.

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You won’t steal a glance at the clock only to see that you spent the entire day cleaning. Here, I’ll show you 10 professional home cleaning hacks that’ll help you save as much time as possible. Trust me; you’ll be surprised.


The first hack is to declutter. Tackle those brown boxes lying around, and you’ve never needed anything from them. Clean out your wardrobe.

Clear your shoe rack. Stack up those clothes you’ve been thinking of throwing away or giving out. That way, you’ll make the house feel empty and spacious.

Gather your cleaning kit

After decluttering, the next thing you want to do is gather all the cleaning tools in a bucket, basket, or bag- whichever suits you. You’ll save time as you won’t need to look for any of your cleaning tools.

Clean all rooms at once

One thing about cleaning is that you can get tired quickly. You can also feel like you’re in an endless cleaning loop pretty fast. To avoid getting hit by that feeling, clean all rooms at once.

When you sweep the living room, proceed to the room and other rooms. Then, pick up another task and execute it in all the rooms before moving on to another one.

Dust and Clean

Knowing what to dust and clean is a surefire professional hack to save time. Some of the items that need to be brushed include the TV, picture frames, window blinds, handrails, etc. Dust the things that are visible to the eyes. Don’t forget to vacuum tight corners.

Design a Cleaning checklist.

Cleaning checklists are a great way to highlight all the tasks you need to do, from vacuuming to cleaning the carpet. It helps you keep track of what cleaning task you need to do in the house and a room.

Since you won’t be cleaning room after room, you can easily group the rooms that need to be vacuumed in a single category and the other rooms whose carpet needs to be mopped into another group. It helps you keep track of how far you’ve come.

Thoroughly clean surfaces

Another professional home cleaning hack is to clean every surface. I don’t only mean tabletops and counters. I also mean the doorknob, refrigerator handle, and other things people are most likely to set their hands on when they come to visit.

Mop it

After sweeping through your apartment, get into moping the floor instantly. Remember, don’t do it room by room.

Clean with family

If you live with family and friends, now is the best time to seek their help. Turn cleaning the house into a together activity.

Wash your appliance

You know how you use your kitchen appliance almost every day to cook, clean, and wash? Cleaning your house also requires cleaning your microwave, dirty machine, etc.

Wash the cleaning tools

The cleaning tools need to be cleansed too. That way, you won’t store them away without washing them. If you reuse your cleaning tools without washing them, you’ll infect the surroundings.