The healing effect of music can overcome anxiety and depression

We live in a time of great transformations, of such sudden and abrupt changes that their effects often, and in a completely uncontrolled manner, end up violently hitting people’s souls, upsetting them and leaving an overwhelming feeling of unease. The health emergency, on the one hand, has caused a wave of malaise and depression that is still being fought against, and which is likely to continue to produce negative effects in the medium and long term. Nowadays, anxiety and uncomfortable feelings of uneasiness and depression seem to occur spontaneously, as if they were not directly linked to an external trigger, a dramatic circumstance or event. More often than not, they are the delayed effects of a previously experienced trauma, the existence of which we were not even aware of. The conventional armour that we thicken every day, at home, with the family, at work, can in fact act as a veritable screen, momentarily deflecting the negative effects of a traumatic experience and allowing them to settle in the deeper layers of consciousness, ready for a later awakening. When the seeds of malaise are reawakened, the person is immediately assailed by unpleasant, overwhelming feelings, and made even more disturbing by the apparent absence of a cause.

The most effective methods to ward off anxiety

Regardless of the kind of anxiety, it must be understood that cures for this kind of symptom exist, and they are incredibly numerous. One of the most popular methods, from this point of view, consists of keeping busy with one’s work, with a sporting activity, or with any kind of activity that forces the person to take his or her mind off his or her problems and to focus it on something else, on the present moment, in particular on whatever he or she is accomplishing at that very moment. This will not only have immediate benefits for the person’s mood, but will also have obvious healing effects in the long term. By getting used to keeping busy for several hours a day, people will train their minds not to be overwhelmed by depression and to focus freely on other, more pleasant and positive aspects of existence.

Sport can also be an excellent ally in chasing away anxiety and restlessness: to demonstrate this, you can try playing a game of basketball or football together with your friends, then carefully analysing your state of mind at crucial moments of the game. You will realise that while you are playing sport, in the middle of the game, your mind is focused on your body movements, on the progress of the game, and that you have no time to think about anything else. You could also successfully try running, swimming or any other kind of sport that requires certain physical and mental efforts. The benefits will come by themselves, almost spontaneously.

The power of music

Sometimes, to combat the unpleasant physical sensations associated with depression, it is enough to listen to music, even for hours on end, closing one’s eyes and letting oneself be lulled by the sweet sound of the songs. For some, music is in fact the best way to extricate oneself from reality and to avoid thinking about what ails us, directing one’s thoughts towards those ethereal regions where only the positive associations linked to sound, song and music find their place. Music, in this sense, has a real healing effect, as if the notes, melodies and voices of artists represented real natural antidotes against depression and despondency in human beings. It is no coincidence that certain songs are also successfully used to motivate people, to urge them to act more consciously and decisively. The effects of music on people’s mood and conscience are unquestionably beneficial, and can be enjoyed anywhere: in the car, in the shower, in bed, and even in the office (provided you are equipped with a pair of earphones).

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Even in the worst of times, it is imperative to prevent depression and anxiety from taking control of our lives. With a bit of luck, one can get out of this situation thanks to the support provided by artifices and exquisitely human activities, especially music.