Best Online Casino Table Games

Playing at table games of chance is one of the most interesting way to spend your time. The world of casinos has seen a lot of changes since they first opened their doors to players, becoming loved by all players that enjoy gambling. Today there are many ways in which you can access these online sleight of hand tricks sites, be it on your phone or on your computer, but some remain classics among casino lovers everywhere. Here are 5 classic casino table games on Zerro Casino that have stood the test of time and are still enjoying great success today. These games can be played at top platipus online casino.

European Roulette

We will start with European roulette, an old favorite amongst experienced gamblers that have been around for centuries now. It would not be wrong to say that this game has had more imitators than any others, but there is still no substitute for the original. This game of chance is played with a wheel and a small white ball that moves around inside it. You can bet on either red or black or you can play by splitting odds up between evens and red/black.

Gamblers place bets on where they think the white ball will stop after its movement around the wheel has ceased. This wheel has a fixed number of pockets that are either red or black, and this will be the determining factor of whether players win or lose. Some gamblers may bet on 2 numbers by splitting evens and odds between them, giving you higher chances of winning but an overall smaller pay out if you get it right. Other people go for the more risky choice which is betting on a single number. That will give you a huge payout if you guess correctly but can leave some very disappointed players with nothing at all if they pick wrong.

Roulette Americana

American Roulette is very similar to European roulette in many ways but there are also some distinct differences that make it stand out from its older brother. First of all, it uses a double zero instead of a single one, which makes the house edge more profitable for casinos. You can still bet on red or black or evens and odds but there is also an option to play the entire wheel with no zeroes at all, making it far more risky and expensive if you want to play this way.

Black Jack

Blackjack is another old classic that has stood the test of time while others continue to imitate it in some form or another. This game focuses on getting cards that add up to 21 without going over while beating your opponent by getting closer than they do without crossing the line yourself. Players get two cards each and they stand, draw new ones or ask for additional ones until they reach 21 points which means they have won that round. There are also some additional rules to this game, such as you cannot take another card if the dealer has a ’20’ up, meaning they can’t go over 21 points either which is a very useful rule for players to learn and use in their favor. This is a simple enough game for beginners with lots of options for players at higher levels.

Texas Holdem Poker

Poker is probably the oldest and most famous card game in the world and it continues to be a big favorite of players everywhere. There are many variants of this but we will focus on the main one that has risen above all others: Texas Holdem Poker. This is a very simple version of poker as all you have to do is out-bet your opponent as well as putting more money into the pot than they do, giving them a choice between folding or calling your bet. If they call your bet, both players get another 2 cards face up so everyone can see what they have. The aim here is to create a hand that beats them which requires some careful strategy and consideration for what cards might be coming next.


Last but not least is Baccarat, another big favorite amongst gamblers that has stood the test of time. This game focuses on players making choices based on whether they think their hand will beat the dealer’s one or if it will be a tie. There are two options to choose from here, Player and Banker, with each having its own set of rules. It all comes down to luck in this game as you make your bet based on what cards you have at your disposal rather than any other kind of skill or strategy required. The idea is to get closest to 9 because this means you win, either by getting there before your opponent does or by having more points after they go over 9.

The above are some examples of classic casino table games that are the staple of every great casino. If you are new to this kind of entertainment, don’t be afraid to try one or more of these for yourself as they are easy enough to understand and offer a range of bets so everyone can play in any way they prefer.

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