Airee Is On Fire In Upcoming EP ‘Fiya’

Airee has proved time and time again that she can offer up an utter banger. With her unique blend of R&B, pop and hip-hop, her discography is dripping with sultry singles and hypnotic hooks. Her latest EP ‘Fiya’ is an effortless evolution for Airee as each of the six tracks could easily be stand-alone singles. The whole atmosphere of ‘Fiya’ is rooted in the realms of R&B, yet there are threads of soul and hip hop sewn into the overall tapestry. Compared to her previous EP ‘8, the Sequel’, Airee has leant into the more low key, bass heavy areas of her sound — and it works in every way. The melodies that parade throughout this EP are the catchiest you’ll come across in a while, and Airee delivers them all with style, flair and confidence.

The EP begins with the title track ‘Fiya’ and it is, well, fire. Samples are slickly sewn into the soundscape straight off the bat. Airee’s vocals burst in with infectious energy; she sounds completely flawless. Her tone has such a silky smooth quality that it almost melts over the energetic instruments below. When it comes to outstanding vocals, ‘I Like It’ and ‘Hot n Heavy’ are complete standouts on this EP. Airee sails over the synth-led sonic landscape with captivating confidence. She toes the line between intimate, sultry vocal refrains and the bolder belts that punctuate the verses. The effortless falsetto in ‘Hot n Heavy’ is stunning. Contrasting this higher vocal range with the lower vocal samples throughout the track is a touch of production genius. ‘Glow’ and ‘Sugar Daddy’ show off the more mainstream pop elements of Airee’s artistry. Both tracks boast some seriously hypnotic hooks and bouncing bass lines. What’s so addictive about this EP is the intricate layering of melodies. The bass bounces below and intertwines with the seductive synth melodies, all the while the classic R&B beats cut through the mix like crystal. There’s a strong sense of musical identity flowing throughout ‘Fiya’. Whilst all the tracks boast their own colours and atmosphere, each flows seamlessly into the next with Airee’s vibrant vocals sitting centre stage in the mix. With ‘Fiya’, ‘Sugar Daddy’ and ‘I Like It’ already available to stream, by the time the whole EP drops, it’ll be Airee scoring our daily soundtracks for the foreseeable. 


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By Sasha Lauryn