What Are The Best Betting Predictions On Dota 2?

The fascinating gameplay, a large number of heroes to choose from, and the variety of maps opens up the full range of possibilities for Dota 2 online betting. However, before finding out the best betting predictions on this game, you need to: 

  1. Start with simple wagers such as predicting the overall result of a match;
  2. Move on to more complex bets that require a deeper knowledge of the game.
  3. Analyze what options are more profitable for you.
  4. Create your own betting routine and trust the process.

Below, you can find the popular types of bets and some predictions to focus on. 

Types of Bets in Dota 2

First of all, it is important to understand what type of bets can be found on the bookmakers. Generally speaking, the variety of options in Dota 2 that most websites offer their bettors is fascinating. It may seem overwhelming for newcomers. Let us take a quick summary of some of the most popular titles to wager on.


It is the most widespread and easiest bet type on Dota 2 events. If you place a wager on the money line, you predict who will be the winner of a match. The size of the payouts varies depending on the teams that participate and the bookmakers that determine the odds.


When you place your money in the totals, you want to guess if a total number of a particular factor in a match will be above or below the given predefined parameter. The example of a total bet can be if you say that the number of maps played in a game will be over/under 2.5. 

Margin Betting

Spread bets allow you to level the playing field. It is more attractive to bet on the non-favorite since one of the opposing teams is given the advantage if one team is weaker. These bets on Dota 2 are only allowed if more than one game is played in a competition.

The usual spread for a Best of 3 (Bo3) competition format is +/- 1.5. It means that 1.5 points will be removed from the final result from the favorites and added to the non-favorites.

Future Bets

This type of wagers on Dota 2 allows bettors to predict the outcome of a tournament long before it begins. And the later you do it, the better chances you will have. Typically, the ability to bet on popular events opens several weeks or even months before.

Background Bets

Propositions or props are the wagers related to different details of the game. Some examples of prop bets can be:

  • who will have the most deaths;
  • who will shed the first blood;
  • who will be the first to kill Roshan.

If you are sure enough of your knowledge about the teams and their strategies, check https://dota-bet.com/ to find more available background bet types on Dota 2.

Before Placing a Bet

It is vital not to make any predictions without first analyzing the impact of the statistics and the most recent game updates. Below, there are the key things to consider: 

  1. Review the statistics of the previous games.
  2. Check the composition of the team and the synergies of its heroes.
  3. See if there are any game updates that can affect the dynamics of the game (new heroes, adjustments in the skills, redesign of maps, etc.).
  4. Consult the opinion of the media to see some advice from the tipsters and other successful analysts.

The Predictions to Focus on

Finally, some of the categories on which the predictions focus are:

  • Heroes: this way you can predict the following factors as the most chosen character, the most forbidden, the character with the highest percentage of victories, the highest average number of victims, attendances, experience per minute, victims per game, etc.
  • Teams: this category focuses on which team will win, the most victims in a game, the highest average number of victims, the winner of the longest or shortest game, more assistance in a game, etc.
  • Players: this is the most difficult to hit because such bets are subject to multiple factors.
  • Tournaments: it is intended to predict issues such as the total number of games, chosen heroes, prohibited characters, etc.

Of course, the predictions mentioned above are not an infallible plan to follow, but they are a good path to take into consideration.