Learn the Investment Techniques from The Investment Expert, Jonathan Tjoa Algreen 

The business world is complicated, and the most complicated part of it is the way of investment. The finer you develop your sense of it, the greater success you will achieve. We know every entrepreneur gets a bit confused about it at first, but the biggest mistake is not asking for help. Being unsuccessful at first is merely a historical phrase now. There are plenty of agencies and professionals who are willing to help you and guide you through your first grand investment in the business world. You can even learn it by studying industry people and their mistakes, as everything is public in this Internet era. Jonathan Tjoa Algreen is one of those successful entrepreneurs who has been in the business world for 20 years as well as provides his services for good investments for startups.

Who is Jonathan Tjoa Algreen?

Jonathan Tjoa Algreen is a multi-millionaire businessman, powerful investor, benevolent philanthropist, and constructive leader and founder/CEO of multiple companies such as 1 People, Business for Planet, and owner of Valified, Impact Business Investment Group (IBIG), Wennick–Lefèvre, DoLand, LOVENATURE Superfoods, and Nordic Impact Bridge. Being realistic, Jonathan knows that one of the most significant things in the world is humanity and hence launched multiple projects to support the basic idea. All the above-mentioned businesses are concerned about their influence on people and the environment, and they appeal to audiences and consumers that are looking for the same.

Jonathan has other businesses in different sectors such as fashion, jewelry, education, food, technology, fintech, pharmaceuticals, medical, real estate, and investment platforms, to name just a few examples. They are all, however, devoted to a green and fair supply chain, as well as a goal greater than the business itself. You can get pretty much any idea here with his expansion of work. That is why we consider him an expert investor. The man has the perfect mind to invest in multiple businesses as well as in people to support their investments. His companies, such as  IBIG and his Education Programme Business for Planet which is free, have the mission of assisting startups and other fellow entrepreneurs in making the right investments for a greener purpose, which Jonathan conveys through his motto: To make the world a better place for all of us. They invest in entrepreneurs’ startup ideas and follow them through to completion once they are executed.

The Most Challenging Part for Jonathan Tjoa Algreen

The ability to communicate something new, something that requires a first-mover mindset from consumers, retailers, and the business community in general, was Jonathan’s main challenge in his sustainable initiative. For example, in his customer-centric sustainable fashion company,   

1 People struggled to get consumers to understand their values and approach, which were different from others in the industry. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of being a “first-mover” is critical since it may be just as difficult as competing against huge established businesses.

Nonetheless, he used those ideals to establish a safe place on social media for prospective entrepreneurs to be elevated and nurtured. Jonathan is not just active in one area, but in any sector or environment, and his dedication to supplying chain transparency and sustainability is unrivaled. He ensures that his organization’s honest approach is instilled throughout the business by resolving merchants’ main pain issues and initiating win-win collaborations. Jonathan now discusses his best practices, both the highs and lows and encourages his followers to be curious and test their ideas, as well as ask questions and learn from their failures without condemnation. 

Jonathan’s main objective is to eradicate poverty through the creation of businesses that prioritize the wellbeing of people and the planet. As a pioneer in advocating for impact-driven businesses, Jonathan believes businesses can be a force for good when done humanely.

Recent Projects

Jonathan’s recent plans included an established regional office in Europe, launched 5–6 market launches in new regions for 1 People, and made 3–4 investments in new companies for Impact Business Investment Group. To get more updates, keep following Jonathan on social media. The links are given below.