They are the Most In-Demand Cryptocurrencies in 2022

Surprisingly, despite the havoc caused by the CoronaVirus, digital currencies sustained well throughout 2021. It also helps that the integration of sophisticated technology with blockchain networks is permitting exponential growth of cryptocurrency marketplaces. However, not all cryptocurrencies possess high value. Here are the best coins for investment in 2022 a CFD Trader, trading all over the years.


Ethereum is still a favorite with investors and traders, regardless of what is happening around the globe. 

  • The blockchain is decentralized, permitting the development of advanced Dapps and NFTs. Ethereum is better able to withstand price fluctuations, and even bring huge gains.
  • Smart contracts enable investors to experience rapid, secure, highly affordable, and well-performing transactions.
  • The coin is well able to face the adverse effects of inflation, unlike other coins. In fact, Ethereum’s inflation plan is highly transparent. Furthermore, it is an infinite blockchain network. Therefore, there is no danger of Ether experiencing deflation.
  • Thanks to the global setting up of crypto exchanges, trading platforms, and online brokerages, Ethereum is an extremely liquid investment asset. It is very easy to trade Ether for gold, cash, etc. Short-term gains are significant.


Investors with crypto wallets find Tether to be an extremely stable coin. It helps that it is pegged to fiat currencies, one of them being the U.S. dollar. Therefore, it makes it possible for it to charge fixed rates for transactions.

  • Tether is ready to go for a swap with any cryptocurrency. Therefore, it possesses good liquidity for crypto exchange platforms, Investors have access to no-exit strategies. They are also happy to add stability and flexibility to their respective portfolios. 
  • Tether travels rapidly across the globe at inexpensive charges. Traditional financial establishments and banks cannot offer this feature.
  • The coin may not promise large-scale gains for long-term investments. However, several wallets, lending platforms, and crypto exchanges do not mind paying high rates of interest for storing Tether coins on their respective platforms.

Terra (LUNA)

Investors see great potential in this coin, as a mode of payment and exchange. Its market cap is attractive too.

    • Almost 3.5 million wallets have come into being since the beginning of 2020. In other words, there has been a user growth of 400% in the span of a mere two years. 
    • Astroport uses the Terra blockchain. It has gained the reputation of being the second-largest decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, regarding daily volume. 
    • The Terra blockchain offers a range of Stablecoins for trading across the globe.
  • Terra is also offering several NFTs (non-fungible tokens), along with various novel applications.


Bitcoin has been around the longest. It will always remain a favorite amongst crypto enthusiasts. There are other reasons, too, why investors view it with such fondness.

    • Regardless of marketplace volatility, investors and traders trust it. It is because the vast range of users, suffice to give a definition to Bitcoin’s stability. Users find it the easiest digital currency for trading, on any crypto exchange. Not only individuals, even institutions are becoming members of the Bitcoin fan club. 
    • Many consider it to be a hedge against inflation. Other assets have not managed to withstand inflation as well as Bitcoin has done. Furthermore, the returns from this coin are far higher than stock markets can ever give. Therefore, large amounts of capital go towards investing in Bitcoin.
  • Since it has a market cap on it, there will be a time when supply will not be able to meet the demand. At such a time, the price of Bitcoin is bound to shoot up. Investors, therefore, consider it to have a healthy store of value, wonderful for a rainy day!

Binance USD

Binance company has Paxos as a partner. The partners have brought out a Stablecoin, which is USD-backed. The NYDES (New York Department of Financial Services) has given its approval to the coin. It has also created some regulations for its usage. 

  • The coin hopes to bring together blockchain technology and the stability of the U.S. dollar. The digital fiat currency supports BEP-2, and is issued as an ERC-20.
  • Other U.S. exchanges cannot offer the low trading fee that Binance USD does. 
  • Transactions go through with tremendous speed, thanks to an able software program.
  • Unlike other U.S. crypto exchanges, Binance company has almost 60 coins to offer investors.