That Nikki You Know – “Thursday Colours” (2022) – Album Release

Nikki Machin, also known as That Nikki You Know, is releasing « Thursday Colours » , their first full length album created during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world goes through this very distressing time, these songs are intended to help us release these difficult emotions so that we can move forward to better times. “I was born on a Thursday. There are colour associations with every day of the week. Thursday colours are blues, purples, greens, cyan, white, and crimson. This album is very autobiographical and deals predominantly with ‘blue’ emotional tones. I associate music with colours, especially my own. When choosing the songs for this album, colour was very important, and all these songs fit the ‘Thursday Colours’ palette.” – Nikki

With the help of some local legends Nikki has created an amazing collaborative record highlighting some of Montreal’s best artists. Some of the talents include Hanorah and Clerel, who were both featured on Québec’s La Voix (The Voice). It’s a Montreal gem sure to be recognized nationally and internationally to showcase what this great city has to offer. This album brings together many left leaning artists, looking to support each other and the independent music community as a whole. Many of the artists featured on the album perform in different bands or individually across multiple genres and disciplines of music.

After spending a few months abroad Nikki is back in Montreal for the summer and is ready to immerse themselves in all this city has to offer. They have a show lined up for June 4th at The Diving Bell Social Club, and are looking to expand their horizons with more bookings out of town and at festivals.

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