Don’t Give Up – It’s Worth To Keep Going!

There are two types of students: those who are frustrated with every headwind and give up immediately, and those who bravely face new challenges and push through. You belong to the second kind. You’re not the type to give up – otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading these lines and engaging in your studies at this level.

Nevertheless, it is quite normal that you have to struggle with a lack of motivation from time to time and are full of doubts. That’s just part of it. But instead of letting it get you down and giving up, you need to keep going. Against all odds. Here are 7 reasons why.

You Have Mastered More Difficult Situations

In great stressful situations, we perceive our situation to be much worse and more depressing than it really is. Small difficulties then seem like insurmountable, life-threatening obstacles; even if – viewed objectively – they are hardly worth mentioning.

What helps then is distance. Think back for a moment and ask yourself, “Is my current situation really that bad?” Remind yourself of the hurdles you’ve already overcome and the problems you’ve already solved.

You Will Grow With Your Tasks

No one is born an absolute master of their craft – we first have to work for and earn our success. Everyone goes through this development process.

For you, this means that just because you are having a hard time with your task doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do it. You will grow with your task and acquire all the necessary skills. What is difficult for you now will be easy for you later. If there is something that you can’t handle at all you can reach out to custom essay writing services in order to complete your written papers. 

You’ve Already Achieved A Lot

No matter what project we are dealing with or what challenges we are facing: The most difficult step is the beginning. And the second most difficult step is the one that comes after starting.

The longer we deal with something, the better we become and the easier the work becomes for us. Therefore, realize how much you have already accomplished and that the trickiest part is already behind you. If you give up now, you’re throwing it all away.

You Might Just Need A Little Break

Before you retire exhausted and giving up becomes a concrete option for you, you should simply put your work to rest for a moment and take a little break.

This will give you new strength and a new perspective. Especially when we have to delve into complex problems, we quickly get lost and lose our motivation in entrenched trains of thought. With a break, we loosen up the whole thing and find new solutions.

You Are Closer To The Goal Than You Think

Our work often seems bigger and more difficult than it actually is. If we’re too perfectionistic and dwell on every detail, the big, overarching goal can quickly slip out of focus.

So, always be aware of what your goal is and how you will get there. Which steps are absolutely necessary, and which are just decorative accessories? This will make you realize that you have come surprisingly close to your goal.

You Do It For Yourself

Why are you studying? Because you want it that way! You study for yourself – because you have decided that it is right for you. You’re not doing this for your parents, for society, or for anyone else. Only for you.

And that’s why you owe it to yourself to keep going. You have to at least try and do your best with all your might. Otherwise, you will be angry in 5 years and ask: “Why did I give up so quickly back then?”

You Deserve To Be Successful

Many people give up because they don’t trust themselves enough and don’t allow themselves to be successful. I find a healthy dose of modesty quite likable, but that’s not the point here.

This is about you – about you and your future. And it should be as good as possible. You can be successful and if you don’t give up now and keep going, you will be successful too!


We’ve all been in situations where we wanted nothing more than to give up; just let the matter rest and discard it as a valuable experience. But if you look back and be honest with yourself, it was always in these uncomfortable, difficult situations that you surpassed yourself. You gritted your teeth and moved on.

Giving up would have been nicer and easier, but you fought, and it made you stronger. The next time you’re completely unmotivated and about to complete a task, remind yourself how strong-willed and goal-oriented you are. Look at the 7 reasons above and realize that you have enough strength to keep going. You will thank yourself later.