7 Easy Steps to Write a Killer College Essay

Getting into college is a no mean feat. Many applications end up in the trash can. Moreover, applicants with good grades can also end up in this category. Therefore, what makes you end up getting accepted into your preferred institution?

It is where you reveal to the admissions board your true personality. It reveals yourself through the eyes of a stranger and sets the tone for your application. Here is a breakdown of seven easy steps to try out:

Start early.

Begin writing after receiving your prompt. Don’t rush your masterpiece with the final minutes of submission. It paints a bad picture of your character. You need to give yourself enough time to follow the steps above thoroughly. Otherwise, you risk spending too much time editing and not having enough time for your other applications. Most essay writers recommend starting immediately after receiving your prompt from your college.

Start with something simple.

A great college admission essay grabs the reader’s attention from the start. The main gist is drawing attention immediately. Moreover, the reader remains motivated to read the rest of your essay. A great way to do this is by starting with a shocking statistic, an anecdote, or a quote from someone famous related to your intended major. 

This is a sure way to strike the admission board differently than what they expect from normal essays. You can never go wrong with simplicity. 

Start with a strong hook

Start by inviting a rich discussion. Your writing should spark anticipation and thrills in the heart and mind of its reader. It is important to grab your reader’s attention right away. We highly recommend starting with an engaging opening line.

There are many ways to start. You might tell a story about something interesting that happened in your life or share something funny or profound that someone famous once said.

Show, don’t tell.

Rather than just listing off everything you have done in high school, choose a couple of specific experiences that have impacted you and explain why these experiences have been meaningful to you.

Ensure you are painting out a personal picture for the admission board. Therefore, take them through your experiences instead of just listing them off.

Keep it personal.

One way of standing out is by demonstrating who you are and why you are different from everyone else. Use your own experiences and thoughts as examples throughout. It is highly advisable not to use material written by someone else; the admissions tutor will spot this immediately.

Write down anything unusual about your life. These unusual details can include your international upbringing or any medical issues. These details will also make you more application memorable with the admissions staff.

Let your story flow naturally.

Writing a naturally flowing application essay is the most challenging part. It is easy to get caught up in all the details and miss the point. Therefore, we recommend telling your story aloud and recording it to go back later and read it through fresh eyes. It is incredible what sounds unnatural or clunky when you read your writing aloud.

In addition, have someone else read your essay. A parent, friend, teacher, or tutor would be a great choice. They can help check for any obvious errors you may have missed and advise on making it even better.

Be yourself.

Personality is the most sought-after quality. Therefore, do not overhype your writing to paint a different person. There is no chance of taking it back after submitting it. Consequently, you need to give it your best shot. The admission board searches for a personality that best fits their institution. 


After finishing your essay, set it aside for a while. Then go back and reread it. You will be amazed at how many mistakes pop out at you. Better yet, have someone else proofread it for you.

Proofreading your work is difficult because you know what you meant to say and may not catch the errors. Get a friend or family member to read through it and make suggestions on ways to improve it. This is a great way in making your essay stand out from all the rest that don’t get proofread.

Final Takeaway

Most sought-after institutions have low acceptance rates. Moreover, good grades are not a guarantee of acceptance. However, follow these tips above to improve your chance of acceptance. Moreover, remember to follow the instructions on the prompt first. Best of luck!